By Wang Yi, Researcher at Ant Group

Not long ago, Xu Shiwei’s Go+ project gained popularity on Hacker News, which can be seen by the report at this link. I was interested in this project and became a contributor. Recently, Xu Shiwei and the community started a livestream and asked me to share the reasons why I follow Go+. I finalized this article based on the on-screen comments during the livestream and recommendations of my friends Hong Mingsheng (TensorFlow runtime owner) and Wang Yu (Shen Diaomo).

Complementing Python with Go+

I have been working on distributed deep learning systems for 13 years. After Xu…

With time, technology and various other technology-related factors have evolved concerning how companies function digitally. Most companies now utilize the benefits of digital data storing and sharing, which makes their work extremely convenient and efficient. In the US, almost all major companies use a distinct form of cloud computing!

This technology due being used more commonly now is also greatly trusted. Since its rapid growth in the past few years, the evolution of technology has taken over the world, with which the proliferation of cloud computing has greatly increased.

Why Cloud Computing?

This type of computing of data tends to help organizations functioning…

By Shantanu Kaushik

Cyberattacks cripple various enterprises and businesses regularly. Some trades and industries face malicious attempts more than others, but the extent of the damage for any industry can be substantial. Security is a concern for organizations since operational integrity is what keeps a business afloat. Cloud-native has helped organizations implement zero-trust security measures with hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures. The need for securing data while at rest and in transit requires an added protection layer.

Project Introduction

Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, we are facing many new problems in our day-to-day life, everywhere around the world. To help slow down the spread, new policies such as lockdown protocols were introduced in order to better enforce social distancing in communities. These policies have changed our lives, one way or another, forcing us to adapt by changing the way we go about our daily lives, such as through remote work and online education.

Therefore, to help improve the education system for our children, we have implemented online learning classes for students. We developed our platform with the hopes…

By Alibaba Cloud_Network


This article discusses Cloud Enterprise NetworkTransit Router (CEN-TR), the core product of the enterprise-level cloud network. It explains how CEN-TR builds exclusive global private networks for large enterprises and multinational corporations with high network complexity. The enterprise’s network construction adapts to their business changes quickly with the flexible and secure cloud network abilities.


In the Cloud Computing 2.0 era, embracing the Function as a Service (FaaS) model has become an important area of concern for developers. This is because the FaaS model can provide great value to developers in terms of efficiency, reliability, performance, and cost, and especially for R&D .

In this article, Moxun and Wusheng, technical experts from Alibaba Entertainment will introduce the design ideas and key technical challenges of Alibaba Entertainment’s function computing platform as well as their practical experience in deploying function computing, using specific services as examples.


Youku’s content delivery service covers varopis scenarios such as…

By Yushui

This article will systematically elaborate on the underlying knowledge of Git, including the changes in object lifecycle, underlying data structures, packet file structures, and packet file indexing. In addition, it will dive into the process of object query and the corresponding algorithms.

State Models

By Raghav K.

DevOps assigns responsibilities to each both development and operations team. The basic goal is to provide complete visibility and transparency across the entire pipeline, including every phase (coding, testing, security, and delivery.)

IT operations include a lot more than “ops.” The operations side includes multiple management functions, such as:

The Network-on-Chip (NoC) and System-on-Chip (SoC) concepts are particularly interesting. Hardware is the basis for software to run, and hardware variety is a prominent influencer in software development. …

By Li Zhipeng, object storage development engineer from Inspur Electronic Information Industry CO.,Ltd.

The E-MapReduce team of the computing platform division has explored and developed the JindoFS framework to accelerate data read/write performance in computing-storage separation scenarios. Mr. Yao Shunyang from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence team presented a detailed introduction to JindoFS storage policies and read/write optimization. Based on his introduction, this article further discusses the following topics:

  • The data cache scenario, as well as the background and motivation for data caching
  • The policy and optimization of data read/write operations
  • Cache data management
  • Best practice

Data Cache Scenario

In traditional analysis scenarios of big…

By Aliware

Recently, Gartner released the “Competitive Landscape: Public Cloud Container Service Market 2021” report. Through this report, Alibaba Cloud became the only Chinese enterprise to be listed for three consecutive years.

According to Gartner, container services have become mature and entered the mainstream market. More diversified container implementation scenarios in enterprises have emerged, and many container vendors have begun mergers and acquisitions. In order to provide container services to more industries, Gartner suggests that vendors should enrich various enterprise-level application image markets. Vendors should also increase support for Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) and implement various cloud deployment…

Alibaba Cloud

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