10 Years of Cloud Intelligence: High-Speed and Secure Global Network Coverage

The Evolution of Networking

When Alibaba Cloud launched ten years ago, networking was already fundamental to communications and connectivity. However, the idea of a massive-scale, highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network that enables cross-region connections was still some way off.

Over the past decade, cloud-specific networks have become increasingly prominent, and this has become a scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution that is used by many businesses. Alibaba Cloud now delivers secure and reliable communication with its network of 20 Data Center regions, 61 Availability Zones, and large node network of 2,500+ CDN nodes and 110+ Point of Presence nodes, shortening geographic distances.

As part of that evolution, the time taken to build a VPC has decreased dramatically, and networks are easy to set-up, install and manage. In fact, it takes just five minutes to set up a multi-region network.

Flexible and Secure

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) makes it easy to build reliable private networks, allowing for secure and seamless communication across the Mainland China region.

Our networking services deliver secure and reliable communications to and from data centers in 20 regions globally including seven in China. With more than 61 availability zones deployed around the world, Alibaba Cloud’s large node network reduces geographic distances between our technology and your customers. [1]

The cloud infrastructure comes with a suite of security services, designed to protect the network application system. Highly advanced security features can prevent DDoS attacks up to hundreds of gigabytes in size, as well as providing protection from other attacks.

The Ultimate Test

Alibaba Cloud’s Networking capabilities are put to the test every year at the Global Shopping Festival, known as Double 11. Services such as Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Server Load Balancer (SLB), Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway, and Express Connect play a vital role in reducing traffic peaks and enabling successful payments for millions of shoppers.[2]

The success of Double 11 relies heavily on sophisticated and massive network services, and, each year has been more successful than the last. In 2018 a record-breaking number of transactions were processed, hitting a Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of US $30.8 billion, up 27 percent year-on-year.

Looking Forward

Networks must continue to evolve rapidly in the coming years as increasing numbers of connected devices and Internet of Things-enabled products come online and require network access.

Many companies are currently opting for a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategy, so we will see increasingly complex networks in the near future. This increases potential vulnerabilities, and as businesses rely heavily on their networks, speed and security will become major areas of focus.

Cloud-native functions and Internet-based networking will mature, and DevOps principles will be integrated into networking approaches, so that networks to benefit from automation tools, improved development and continuous integration and sharing.

The evolution of networking is only just getting started. Alibaba Cloud is committed to continuously improving its network solutions, providing its customers with the access and security that they need to evolve and grow.

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