10 Years of Cloud Intelligence: Record-Breaking Elastic Computing Performance

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The Evolution of Elastic Computing

Being able to scale rapidly and seamlessly is one of the key benefits of the cloud, and a major reason for its rapid uptake over the past decade. Services such as Alibaba Cloud’s Elastic Compute Service (ECS) offer elastic and secure virtual cloud servers so users can scale quickly and cost-effectively.

Pushing Our Computing Architecture to the Limit

Double 11, Alibabas annual Global Shopping Festival, puts our elastic computing facilities to the test every year, when it is used to power Alibaba’s entire ecosystem around the festival. The festival, which also celebrated its tenth anniversary last November, and our Elastic Computing products have developed hand-in-hand over this time.

Scaling Up Beyond Double 11

ECS can be used independently as a simple web server, or — as is the case for Double 11 — used with other Alibaba Cloud products, such as Object Storage Service (OSS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN), to provide advanced solutions. For example, ECS can deliver a high availability architecture if used with Server Load Balancer. And implementing Alibaba Cloud’s Auto Scaling service ensures that instances will scale up automatically, so users no longer have to worry about having insufficient resources during periods of peak traffic. Now, with comprehensive containerization, and leveraging cloud elasticity through the public cloud, customers can meet resource requirements while maintaining a low cost.

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