10 Years of Cloud Intelligence: Revolutionary and Award-Winning Database Services

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The Evolution of Databases

Less than a decade ago, setting up a distributed database system across various multinational locations was a considerable challenge. Today, we can do a similar thing working from our laptops in the coffee shop in just a few hours.

Cloud-based Databases Launch

Alibaba Cloud then turned its attention to fully self-developed cloud-based databases in 2016, offering global deployment and separate database storage and computing. These also integrate extremely high read/write capabilities and decrease storage costs. For example, our ApsaraDB database service was built to provide stable, reliable and scalable database services. We worked to reduce network latency and adopted RDMA technology on a large scale in 2018, which had a significant impact.

Next Generation Cloud-Native Databases

In July 2019, Alibaba Cloud released its new DBaaS service, PolarDB, outside China. Gartner placed PolarDB in the “Visionaries” quadrant of its 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant of Operational Database Management Systems, leading the pack amongst all cloud computing vendors in China.

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