26 Articles on the Key Technologies behind Double 11

Despite massive amounts of data in this year’s Double 11, the user experience was not compromised at all. Through constant efforts, Alibaba’s technical team successfully achieved smooth running of the system when facing the peak of transactions. What are the technologies that support this new world record? Today, we will introduce the technologies that support Double 11 in terms of cloud computing, new retail and payment, security, and logistics.

Cloud Computing

AliSQL X-Cluster: An MySQL Database with Superior Performance and Strong Consistency

Mysterious “Dragonfly” Technology Behind Alibaba’s Double 11 — PB-grade Large File Distribution System

Unveiled for Double 11, StarAgent: Alibaba’s Automatic O&M System

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Alibaba’s Full-scale Stress Testing for Double 11

A Close-Up Look into Alibaba’s New Generation of Database Technologies

Alibaba Introduces Brand Databank: Data Can Appreciate and Be Deposited like Monetary Funds

Quick Start to OceanBase: High-Availability Model and Disaster Recovery Solution

The Evolution of Large-Scale Co-Location Technology at Alibaba

Elastic Compute Service

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL


New Retail and Payment

The Big Decisions and Technology behind Tmall’s 200,000 Smart Stores

FashionAI: Revamping the Fashion and E-commerce Industry through Artificial Intelligence

How to Digitize Customers’ Actions and Product Movements in the New Retail Era

Alibaba Customer Services Assistant: Human-Machine Collaboration to Improve Efficiency

How to Remove “Pseudo Exposure” from Mobile E-commerce Platforms

Learn How a Knowledge Graph Can Improve Your Online Shopping Experience

How to Improve User Participation: The Rise of Interactive Recommendations

Unveiling the Algorithm behind “Picks For You


Alibaba Engineers Have Worked Out Loads of Methods to Detect Anomalies

Decoding the AI Defense System Behind Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Six Key Elements of an Off-Premises Data Security System

How to Deal With DDoS Attacks on a Global Scale

Safeguarding Double 11 with MTEE3 Intelligent Risk Control Platform

Preventing Information Breach with Alibaba Security ECO Platform

What Can Alipay Do within the 0.1 Second After You Click the Pay Button?


Double 11 Logistics: Cainiao’s Battle of “Billions of Parcels”


Learn More about the Impressive Technologies behind Alibaba’s Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

Leverage Alibaba Cloud’s E-Commerce Platforms and Promotions to Grow Your Business

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