5 Reasons to Move Big Data to the Cloud

Big Data platforms often require big infrastructure to host them. Recently, it has been convenient for many organizations to default to private cloud operations for everything related to Big Data.

The benefit is high performance and availability — as long as you are in the same building as the private cloud.

Otherwise, on-premises Big Data operations are limiting. They have a shelf life both in terms of scale and capability.

That is why it’s worth considering moving your Big Data operation — from data storage and analysis to development — to the public cloud. Following are specific reasons why Big Data operations can be best managed in the cloud.

5 Reasons for the Public Cloud

Below are the top five reasons why all organizations with Big Data applications should strongly consider moving to the public cloud.


There is one key element to making Big Data in the cloud successful, and that is commuting your entire Big Data platform from storage to analysis in the cloud.

All-in does not mean lock-in. All-in means that your entire Big Data platform should be cloud-native. The reason? Integration of large data storage and analysis platforms across disparate clouds will likely become the primary bottleneck for advancing the platform. So parity across infrastructure and cloud is important. This does not mean that you need to build your application for a lack of portability between clouds, but this is a good design practice in any case.

The biggest argument for not moving Big Data operations to the public cloud is based on the sheer size of data. There is no question that migration of data from existing Big Data platforms is a significant task. But it’s a one-time task, and it’s on the horizon. Migration is a significant challenge, no matter the cloud. But public cloud providers such as Alibaba Cloud have invested in partnerships with Cloudsfer, created physical transport options, and have built cloud services to make it easier.

Building cloud-native Big Data platforms, like building modern applications, is the best way to ensure that the platform can sustain in its current form and offer new capabilities in the future.

For an example of how Big Data operations can run in a public cloud, take a look at this article about Big Data on Alibaba Cloud. If you want to test Alibaba Cloud yourself, you can take advantage of $300 in free credits.



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