“50-Year-Old” Doraemon “Meets” “63-Year-Old” Casio: Alibaba Cloud Data Mid-End Platform Shows What Happens Next

The Essence of IP Consumption Is Feelings Consumption

  1. Character IPs: The main characters of movies or TV series are the most popular since the stories revolve around them. Doraemon and Snoopy (from Peanuts) belong to this category.
  2. Image IPs: These characters are designed as mascots and image roles with relatively simple backgrounds. Unlike IPs in animation series, these IPs are not attached to stories. Representative image IPs include Hello Kitty and Kumamon.
  3. Internet-Rooted IPs: These IPs become well-known across the Internet and on apps. Brown the Bear and Cony (from the LINE communication software) and Ali (from the QQ sticker image) belong to this category.

Casio Watch Collaborations Achieve High Sales Rates with Support from the Alibaba Cloud Data Mid-End Platform

Casio x Doraemon Baby-G watch collaboration (pictured above)

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