6 Pain Points of Traditional Internet of Vehicles Architecture: IoV Series (I)

Characteristics of the IoV Industry

Increasing Cloud Adoption for IoV

Traditional IoV Architecture

Business Architecture

Application Architecture

Data Streams

Technical Details of Application Architecture


Server Load Balancer Cluster

Application Server Cluster

Distributed Service Cluster

Cache Cluster

Message Queue (MQ) Cluster

StreamCompute Cluster

Data Storage Cluster

MySQL Cluster

MongoDB Cluster

Elasticsearch Cluster

Distributed Network File System (NFS)

O&M Control Cluster

Code Management

Bastion Host

Continuous Integration

Configuration Management System

Pain Points of Traditional IDC Architecture

Pain Point 1: O&M Is Insufficiently Automated, Resulting in Heavy and Redundant Workload

Pain Point 2: Without Auto Scaling Capabilities, We Have to Spend a Lot Dealing with Business Traffic Peaks

Pain Point 3: O&M Tools Are Scattered, and O&M Is Complex and Tedious

Pain Point 4: Hardware Devices Are Purchased in a Long Cycle with High Costs and Low Scalability

Pain Point 5: Infrastructure Is Unreliable with Frequent Failures

Pain Point 6: Without Adequate Security Protection Capabilities, the System Is Vulnerable to Attacks



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