7 Ways Serverless Field will Evolve in 2020

This is the first post in Seven Major Cloud Native Trends for 2020 Series

In 2019, the capabilities of major serverless computing platforms in the industry were greatly improved and became more versatile. For example, reserved resources are used to eliminate the impact of cold start on latency, so that latency-sensitive online applications can also be built in serverless mode. The serverless ecosystem is continuously developing. Many open source projects and startups have emerged in the fields of application construction, security, monitoring, and alerting, and the toolchain is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Users’ acceptance of serverless is constantly increasing. In addition to industries such as the Internet that quickly embrace new technologies, traditional enterprise users have also begun to adopt serverless technology. As we enter a new decade, we expect the serverless field to evolve along the following routes:

Serverless Will Further Extend to Online Services from Offline Services

Serverless Not Only Provides Application or Function Capabilities, but Also Accelerates the Promotion of Serverless Infrastructure and Services

Open Source Solutions, Such as Knative, Will Receive Increasing Attention

Serverless Developer Tools and Frameworks Will Proliferate

Java Will Continue Its Efforts and Become One of the Mainstream Languages for Serverless Platforms

We Expect That Research or Products in the Intermediate Layer (Acceleration Layer) Will Make Breakthroughs by Solving the Faas State Transmission Issue

We Expect a WebAssembly (WASM)-based FaaS Solution to Emerge

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