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A tag cloud is a set of related tags and their corresponding weights. A typical tag cloud has 30 to 150 tags. Weights affect the font size or other visual effects used. Meanwhile, histograms or pie charts are most commonly used to represent about 12 different weights. Therefore, tag clouds can represent more weight, albeit less accurately. Furthermore, tag clouds are often interactive: tags are typically hyperlinks that allow users to take a closer look at their content.

1. Classification of Tag Clouds

According to the role of tag cloud (not style), it can be divided into three categories in the application. Among them, the first category is used to describe each individual item on the website, while the second category focuses on describing the labeling of all items on the website as a whole:

The first type of tag cloud: each entry has its own independent tag cloud. The larger the font size of the tag, the more times the user has used the tag in this entry, which is very important when the page publicly counts clicks and does not require accurate data. Be applicable.

The second type of tag cloud: Websites generally have a very large tag cloud. The larger the font size of the tag, the more entries in the website that have used this tag. The second type of tag cloud can show the popularity of tags and is more common in practical applications.

The third type of tag cloud: In this category, tags are used as a tool for data items to represent the size of the data volume of each item in the entire collection.

In a broad sense, similar visualization techniques are not limited to tag clouds, but can also be used on word clouds or data clouds, for example.

2. 9 Free Tag Cloud Generators

Wordle is generating “Word Clouds:. With different fonts, layouts and color schemes, you can adjust your clouds. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with friends.

TagCloud Generator
Download the form in just a few steps, which can generate HTML and Flash online tag clouds.

You can create word clouds in different styles and variants and send them as postcards to your friends etc.

A word cloud is a graphical representation of word frequency. You can type or paste text into the box shown on your home page and press the arrow buttons to see the resulting word cloud orientation. Using the graphic buttons above the cloud, you can change the appearance of a word cloud. It’s also easy to save, print cloud,

Tagul is specially prepared for web masters to place beautiful clouds on their web pages. Tagul Cloud can customize fonts, cloud shape, color, etc. to provide a better user experience for your website visitors.

ToCloud is a free online tag cloud generator where you can set the length and frequency of words. Therefore, the word cloud generated by the page gives a quick idea of ​​how to optimize the page for certain words. ToCloud is also very easy to use. It can extract phrases and is one of the better tag cloud tools.

WordItOut lets you convert your text into word clouds. Then you can save and share it so everyone can find it.

Tagxedo does live, word cloud respin, and respin to your liking. Print and share images saved as word clouds. Use local fonts or your own hand-drawn fonts, use custom shaped images and more

TagCrowd is a web application that visualizes the word frequency for creating word clouds, text clouds or tag clouds in any text.

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