By Wu Junyin, senior technical expert on intelligent Elastic Compute Service (ECS) at Alibaba Cloud


Cloud computing has been developing for more than ten years now, and its priority has shifted from just “cloud migration” to a more sophisticated “cloud optimization” mindset. The former issue is actually a decision-making problem. That is, when an enterprise decides to migrate to the cloud, the topic is over. However, the latter one is a continuous topic. There is no silver bullet for resource optimization, and the goal towards a fully-optimized system is a never-ending process.

In general, at the beginning of the planning…

By Baiji, Alibaba Cloud Development Engineer

The first three articles of this series discussed the development and deployment of applications. The remaining articles in this series will continue to discuss the management of applications after they are migrated to the cloud. This article will focus on how to carry out online release with support for grayscale release.

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In this article, we will introduce how you…

By Chuheng


At first glance, the term “architecture drawing” seems somewhat obscure. However, when it comes to “engineering drawing”, most programmers with an engineering background should already be familiar with it. I can even feel the ups and downs of those years in the dormitory with a compass on the left hand and a ruler on the right hand.

Software engineering is also engineering. Therefore, some basic theories of conventional engineering drawing are also applicable in the software industry. However, the differences between the software and traditional manufacturing industries are so essential that their demands and methods in cartography are…

By Shantanu Kaushik

Cloud security offers solutions to numerous threats that arise on the Internet every day. Ransomware, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), and other phishing attacks have significantly impacted the performance and reliability of cloud services. The IT industry created solutions to counter these arbitrary impacts on services, ward-off attacks, and provide highly reliable and available service solutions.

Cloud service providers like Alibaba Cloud have numerous products in their security products lineup:

By Chi Wai Chan, Product Development Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud

In the previous article , we introduced ApsaraDB for MyBase, which is a dedicated service for managing databases on the cloud provided by Alibaba Cloud. We also talked about how to do Microsoft SQL Server Cloud Migration, not just for the database engine, but also with the SSIS which is the data integration pipeline (ETL workflow).

There are two parts for Migrating your SQL Server and SSIS workload with Active Directory (AD) integration to Alibaba Cloud. …

By Chi Wai Chan, Product Development Solution Architect at Alibaba Cloud

ApsaraDB for MyBase is a dedicated service for managing databases on the cloud provided by Alibaba Cloud. MyBase is easy to use and flexible, is able to meet the requirements of database regulations and compliance, and supports high security and high performance scenarios.

This article focuses on providing the best practice on guiding your Microsoft SQL Server Cloud Migration for not just the database engine, but also with the SSIS which is the data integration pipeline (ETL workflow) and together with Active Directory (AD) user authentication integration on Alibaba…

By Zhu Sansong

The World’s Largest Human Migration

In February 2018, the Spring Festival travel rush started in China. At that time, it was the largest migration in human history. About 382 million people headed to different destinations using 310 thousand trains. During the migration, if you had an aerial camera, you would be able to see thousands of trains passing through mountains and rivers in China on the same day. The frequency of the trains has been accurately calibrated to achieve the best balance between safety and capacity.

At the end of every year, students, tourists, and migrant workers gather in train stations, sharing…

By Zhu Sansong

I recently came across an interesting quote that sounds counterintuitive at first but will start to make sense if you give more thought to it. It goes something like, “progress is driven by lazy people.

Scientific technologies continuously evolve because “lazy people” always seek for easier ways to do things. To save our energy from traveling, we created the steam engine. To prevent manual calculation, we created the electronic computer. In order not to carry cash, we invented online transactions and contactless payment. …

JSON — A Brief Background

JSON is an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation, that became popular a little over seventeen years ago. JSON is essentially a data format, it was popularized by Douglas Crockford, a well-known programmer with an interesting history who was also involved in the development of JavaScript. JSON has nearly replaced XML as a cross-platform data exchange format. It is reported to be lightweight and easier to manipulate compared to XML. In AWS CloudFormation, templates, which are actually JSON (or YAML) formatted documents, are used to describe AWS resources when automating deployments.

JSON is also used extensively in NoSQL databases such as…

The term Cloud computing was coined in late 1996 but it was not before 2006 when it started gaining popularity. Fast forward to 2021, Cloud computing has revolutionized not only the digital world but has also transformed the destiny of start-ups and small businesses. In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of cloud for Start-ups and small businesses but before moving ahead let us first understand what the cloud means

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing entails a wide range of virtual resources like software, databases, storage, servers, intelligence, and analytics — delivered through internet. It effectively promotes virtualization and significantly reduces…

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