By Yushui

This article will systematically elaborate on the underlying knowledge of Git, including the changes in object lifecycle, underlying data structures, packet file structures, and packet file indexing. In addition, it will dive into the process of object query and the corresponding algorithms.

State Models

By Raghav K.

DevOps assigns responsibilities to each both development and operations team. The basic goal is to provide complete visibility and transparency across the entire pipeline, including every phase (coding, testing, security, and delivery.)

IT operations include a lot more than “ops.” The operations side includes multiple management functions, such as:

The Network-on-Chip (NoC) and System-on-Chip (SoC) concepts are particularly interesting. Hardware is the basis for software to run, and hardware variety is a prominent influencer in software development. …

By Li Zhipeng, object storage development engineer from Inspur Electronic Information Industry CO.,Ltd.

The E-MapReduce team of the computing platform division has explored and developed the JindoFS framework to accelerate data read/write performance in computing-storage separation scenarios. Mr. Yao Shunyang from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence team presented a detailed introduction to JindoFS storage policies and read/write optimization. Based on his introduction, this article further discusses the following topics:

  • The data cache scenario, as well as the background and motivation for data caching
  • The policy and optimization of data read/write operations
  • Cache data management
  • Best practice

Data Cache Scenario

In traditional analysis scenarios of big…

By Aliware

Recently, Gartner released the “Competitive Landscape: Public Cloud Container Service Market 2021” report. Through this report, Alibaba Cloud became the only Chinese enterprise to be listed for three consecutive years.

According to Gartner, container services have become mature and entered the mainstream market. More diversified container implementation scenarios in enterprises have emerged, and many container vendors have begun mergers and acquisitions. In order to provide container services to more industries, Gartner suggests that vendors should enrich various enterprise-level application image markets. Vendors should also increase support for Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) and implement various cloud deployment…

By Alibaba Cloud CDN Team

Alibaba Cloud recently released a comprehensive map of best practice for Alibaba Cloud CDN in industry applications. This detailed map was designed based on years of practices of Alibaba Cloud CDN in the Alibaba ecosystem, and by considering the requirements of tens of thousands of enterprises on the cloud. For this purpose, this map presents customers’ practice of using CDN in three stages, that is, convenient extension, all-in-one distribution, and diversified management. We hope that this map can help customers find and deploy the most suitable path for their own CDN practice.

Map of Best Practice for CDN

By Miaojing and Boben

Being one of the four major technical directions of the Frontend Committee of Alibaba, people may wonder what frontend development has to do with AI, how to achieve frontend development with AI, and whether this heavily impacts the whole industry.

Based on Pipcook, an open source algorithm framework, we are launching imgcook — a platform to generate code automatically from design documents (Sketch, Photoshop, etc.).

Pipcook is a JavaScript framework based on tfjs-node. We can build machine learning pipelines in Pipcook, and tfjs-node provides algorithm and training capabilities.

Based on the theme to generate code automatically…

By Yuanyi

Alibaba Cloud Log Service (SLS) now supports time-series data storage. This feature provides customers with comprehensive access, storage, visualization, alerting, and intelligent O&M for time-series data. This solution fully supports mainstream open-source monitoring platforms and provides low-cost monitoring data storage and services without the need for O&M. In this blog, we will introduce the concept of time-series data and discuss how we can apply it across various scenarios with Alibaba Cloud Log Service (SLS).

Time-series Data Is Everywhere

“Time takes away everything, and your name, appearance, character, and fate will change over the years.” — Plato

As time passes, everything is constantly…

By Lee Li

In the world of Linux, a zombie process refers to any process that is essentially removed from the system as ‘defunct’, but still somehow resides in the processor’s memory as a ‘zombie’.

Also sometimes referred to as a process in a ‘terminated state,’ a Zombie process is usually cleaned from the memory system through a parent process. But when the parent process isn’t notified of the change, the child process (zombie) doesn’t get the signal to leave the memory.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide about zombie processes that can accumulate in your system…

By Raghav K.

Digital transformation has brought along various benefits for enterprises and organizations. These benefits include accelerated application delivery, O&M costs, increased IT infrastructure scalability, and increased data storage and computing resource availability on the fly. The large-scale expansion of web-based services using multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments has also created numerous challenges for IT teams. Strategists have to create an effective mechanism that ensures security and operational efficiency for IT systems.

AIOps is a mechanism that mixes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning techniques, and big data analytics to enhance IT operations.

By Minghui Qiu, Peng Li, Hanjie Pan, Chengyu Wang, Ang Wang, Cen Chen, Yaliang Li, Dehong Gao, Jun Huang, Yong Li, Jun Yang, Deng Cai, and Wei Lin, from Alibaba Group and Zhejiang University, China

To read the full paper on EasyTransfer, please visit this page

Transfer Learning (TL) is a rapidly growing field of machine learning that aims to improve the learning of a data-deficient task by transferring knowledge from related data-sufficient tasks. Witnessing the great representation learning abilities of deep neural networks, neural architectures based TL methods, i.e., …

Alibaba Cloud

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