As Alibaba Cloud offers cloud services in more and more regions and zones, our product specifications are gradually iterated. With an increasing number of zones, more variety of specifications and complicated pricing strategies will arise, introducing new challenges to cloud resource management. Common questions when managing cloud resources such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) include:

  • How to prioritize appropriate specifications?
  • How to set the expected price?
  • How to avoid insufficient resource inventory?

Based on the above problems, we created an all-in-one open source SDK, EasySDK to help you effectively solve the…

Now is the best time to develop operation and maintenance (O&M) more professionally.

Lu Tang, who is in charge of elastic computing stability at Alibaba Cloud, mentioned that, “Ops was created only with experience without officially being considered as a specific field. Now, based on the previous experience, it provides standardized services to the outside world.”

He believes that this era helps make O&M truly professional. Accordingly, O&M personnel can reduce costs and improve efficiency for enterprises with their skills and experience. However, this can be a challenging time for many O&M professionals. …

By Liu Xiaomin and Yu Yu

1. Overview

Netty is a high-performance network communication framework widely used in the Java language. Many Remote Procedure Call (RPC) frameworks are implemented based on Netty. In Golang, getty is a high-performance network communication library similar to Netty. It was developed originally by Yu Yu, the project leader of dubbo-go, and used as an underlying communication library of dubbo-go. As dubbo-go was donated to the Apache Software Foundation, getty finally joined the Apache family under the joint efforts of community members. Then, it was renamed dubbo-getty.

When I was practicing microservices in my company in 2018…

By Fang Jian (luoye), Founder and Head of the Spring Cloud Alibaba Open-Source Project

This article is taken from the book, In-depth Understanding and Practices of Spring Cloud, written by Fang Jian. This article describes how to deal with FaaS scenarios under the Java microservice framework Spring Boot/Cloud.

Serverless and FaaS

In 2019, O’Reilly researched 1,500 IT professionals. The result showed that 40% of the respondents work in organizations that adopt the Serverless architecture. The DataDog Survey from 2020 shows that more than 50% of AWS users are using AWS Lambda based on Serverless architecture.

Serverless is becoming a mainstream trend. The following…

By Shanlie, Wang Yongmeng, and Zhang Yu

RiverGame Co. Ltd is an emerging mobile gaming enterprise. Since its establishment in 2018, it has faced the global gaming market and had a place in the highly competitive gaming market by creating interesting game experiences. After only two years, RiverGame Co. Ltd has become one of the top 30 Chinese game manufacturers, with the majority of their success in overseas markets coming from their game, Top War. As indicated by their slogan, better Chinese games, RiverGame Co. Ltd is enriching its game categories and hoping to bring more happiness to worldwide players.

By Shanlie, Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect

As reported by the “Research Report on Chinese Children’s Programming Industry” and the “Analysis and Forecast Report on Chinese Children’s Programming Market for 2017–2023”, programming among children is so promising that it is expected to reach up to RMB 50 billion within 3–5 years.

In today’s information age, artificial intelligence has brought many changes to society. Parents in the Internet era are different from parents of the previous generations. They pay more attention to children’s quality education and their competencies in artificial intelligence. Therefore, children’s programming education has developed rapidly.

Walnut Programming has taken…

By Matt Zand and Brian Wu

Due to the popularity of blockchain and decentralized finance, many applications that offer digital currencies like Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies come with a feature called digital wallet. A wallet allows users to store and manage their private keys. A wallet is also used for key generation. Depending on the platform in which a user can access and manage their wallet, there are 4 types of wallets: web, desktop, mobile, and Hardware.

Another way to categorize wallets is based on the way in which keys are generated which includes deterministic and nondeterministic wallets. A non-deterministic wallet…

By Arman Ali

NGINX was created on 4 October 2004 by Russian developer Igor Sysoev as he was frustrated with Apache web server and wanted to build a replacement capable of handling 10,000 concurrent connections with a focus on performance, high concurrency, and low memory usages.

Now NGINX servers world’s top websites and while this growth is largely due to, it’s also because NGINX is relatively easy to get started with.

There are two methods of installing NGINX on Ubuntu 20.04.

  1. Via building NGINX from the source.

In this guide, we’ll build NGINX…


When talking about methodology, Xiang, a technology expert of AMAP said, “Complicated problems should be simplified while the simple ones should be deepened.”

This statement deeply touched me, and I believe it also applies to writing code. In other words, after splitting a complex logic into lots of simple logic, and then implementing each simple logic in-depth, the simple logic is integrated into complex logic. The quote above can be summed up as, “changing complexity into simplicity, from simplicity to complexity.”

Writing Java unit testing cases simplifies complex problems, breaking down a complex piece of code into a series of…

By Tang Bingchang (Changpu)

With the rapid development of edge computing, more data needs to be stored, processed, and analyzed at the edge of the network. Devices and applications on the edge are growing rapidly. Managing the resources and applications efficiently on the edge has become a major challenge in the industry. Currently, the cloud-edge-end unification architecture has gained wide recognition in the industry. In this architecture, the cloud computing capability is delivered to the edge in a cloud-native way and is scheduled and managed on the cloud in a unified manner.

In May 2020, OpenYurt, Alibaba’s first cloud-native edge…

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