By Zhiqiang Long

This article explains how MaxCompute, a SaaS-based cloud data warehouse, powers the SaaS-based cloud strategy of data banks and all-in-one open data scenarios.

Cloud Data Warehouses

This part describes the benefits and solutions of cloud data warehouses such as MaxCompute.

SaaS-based enterprise-level cloud data warehouses are applicable to scenarios such as:

  • Advertising for user tag computing and analysis

Advantages of Cloud Data Warehouses

-Ultimate elasticity in cloud native: A cloud native design with serverless architecture supports auto scaling within seconds…

By Haiqing

This article, written by Haiqing, an Alibaba Cloud technical expert, introduces SaaS-based Cloud Data Warehouses integrated with business intelligence (BI). It includes the overview of cloud data warehouses, scenarios and trends of BI, features based on MaxCompute-based cloud data warehouses and BI, and practices.

Overview of Cloud Data Warehouses

This article aims to explore the integration of SaaS-based cloud data warehouses with business intelligence (BI).

Let’s jump right in by giving an overview of cloud data warehouses. It is predicted that by 2025, global data volume will increase to 175 ZB and Chinese data volume to 48.6 ZB. With a sharp increase in…

By Ning Qu

This article describes business scenarios and resource usage requirements of modern cloud data warehouses, and differentiation analysis of different resource delivery modes. Based on the features and values of Serverless MaxCompute, this article also introduces best practices of Serverless MaxCompute.

1. Introduction to Serverless

The following figure shows the Serverless architecture of MaxCompute, which mainly includes modules of the ingest service, multi-computing environment, storage service and management.

By Meng Shuo (Qianshu)

This article summarizes the essence integrating SaaS cloud-based data warehouses and real-time search, as shared by Meng Shuo, product manager of MaxCompute. The article contains the following three parts: Overview and Value (Why), Scenario (What), and Best Practices (How).

1. Overview and Value (Why)


MaxCompute is an enterprise-level SaaS-based cloud data warehouse. At first glance, MaxCompute may appear as an engine for processing offline data, or in other words, a traditional data warehouse. However, MaxCompute is more than just a traditional data warehouse. Instead, MaxCompute can be seen as a data processing platform to process offline data, for example, the application…

By Meng Shuo (Qianshu)

This article discusses the definition of SaaS-based cloud data warehouse integrated with AI, by Meng Shuo, MaxCompute product manager of the Alibaba Cloud business unit.

1. Why: Overview and Value

Development History of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that emerged as early as the 1950s. After that, due to various reasons, AI experienced a long process of dormancy for decades. It is not until the last few years that AI became popular again. In fact, AI has actually enjoyed three “golden periods” of development in its history.

The first time was when the concept of AI was put forward, scholars thought that AI…

By Ankit Kapoor, Database Senior Solution Architect

In my previous post, “What is DMS?,” I have explained what ABC Data Management Service (DMS) is, what it is mainly used for, the different types of databases it supports (can be OLTP,OLAP and NoSQL be it on-prem or on cloud), and also its common use cases including encryption and data rollback. That post was mainly to provide readers a high level information about DMS so that they can identify how DMS can be useful in their daily work.

But that article was limited in terms of the best practices, which required users…

By Yadong Xie

1. What Is Frontend Development?

A question may be posed in the process of frontend development, “What is frontend development?” In my opinion, the essence of frontend development is to realize the correct response of the web page view to related events. There are three keywords, web page view, correct response, and related events.

Related events may include page clicking, mouse moving, timer, and server request. Correct responding means some statuses need to be modified according to related events. Web page view is the most familiar part during frontend development.

From this point of view, the formula is listed below:

View =…

As we all see, ransomware attacks have dramatically increased recently. Not only large corporations are at risk. Attackers increasingly focus on encrypting and stealing confidential data from medium and small businesses, social organizations, and industrial facilities, which are not always adequately protected.

In this article, I will try to answer frequent questions related to ransomware. Here are some of them:

  • How to properly build protection and minimize the risks?

By Jinji


Developers have been criticized for the problems with slow Spring startup, but the new open-source project, SpringFu, of the Spring community has changed this situation. This article takes examples of several typical SpringMVC annotations and compares the code differences between SpringFu and SpringMVC. It analyzes the principles behind SpringFu through source code interpretation.

By Lee Li

The Internet of things (IoT) is revolutionizing all aspects of our global industry by connecting the digital and physical world. There are now billions of devices worldwide that connect to the internet and gather or share data. This depicts the magnitude of revenue opportunities that IoT offers businesses to position their brand for enhanced growth.

One of the most exhilarating areas of its impact is the supply chain. From manufacturing to shipping and delivery to the end-site, the IoT ensures seamless integrations at every stage of the supply chain. …

Alibaba Cloud

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