A Network That Networks — Part 2: Deployment Usage and Expansion


Infrastructure Requirement

VPN Gateway

NAT Gateway

  • Service Delivery: VPC-connected ECS instances can deliver services to the Internet through port mapping and IP address mapping. You can also associate an EIP with a NAT gateway.
  • Easy Usage: The Alibaba Cloud NAT Gateway provides SNAT and DNAT functions, which cuts down the need to build your own SNAT gateway for your servers. SNAT allows ECS instances without public IP addresses in a VPC to access the Internet. SNAT also offers a firewall functionality that prevents unwanted access to backend servers. After you configure SNAT entries to allow backend servers to initiate connections with specific external terminals, only these external terminals will be able to access the backend servers.
  • High Performance and Availability: The NAT Gateway is virtual network hardware that is based on Alibaba Cloud’s self-developed distributed gateway. It is supported by SDN virtualization technology that offers a forwarding capacity of up to 10 Gbps. The NAT Gateway supports high-bandwidth throughput and a large number of connections.

A Network That Networks: Part 3

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