A Strategic Take on Cloud Storage Solutions — Part 3: Block Storage Optimization and Comparison

By Shantanu Kaushik

In the previous article of this series, we discussed how important and essential it is to optimize your cloud storage solution. We discussed the optimization scenarios associated with Object Storage Service (OSS). We also talked about some of the key scenarios and Alibaba Cloud services associated with Alibaba Cloud OSS and defined the Block Storage solution.

In this article, we discuss optimizing the Alibaba Cloud Block Storage Service. We will also compare the storage solutions from Alibaba Cloud and give you a detailed overview to select the solution best suited for you.

Optimizing Alibaba Cloud Block Storage

Adjusting the storage by optimizing less used and overused disks to create a balance of storage usage will lessen the load on the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance and reduce costs.

Deleting the Cloud Disks

Deleting Old Snapshots

Adjust Capacity for Optimization


Object Storage Service vs. Block Storage vs. Apsara File Storage NAS

Wrapping Up

Selecting the storage that you wish you use for your deployment scenario solely depends on which usage scenarios you are working with. A typical setup might call for different storage types, but creating a service that checks most of the boxes that you have strategized for is the best practice to follow.

When it comes to the Object Storage Service (OSS), you can configure lifecycle rules to automatically optimize and manage your storage solution by converting data storage types based on the frequency of usage. With Block Storage, you can monitor and adjust your storage based on how your disks are being used (over, under, or unused.) Deleting old snapshots and unused ECS instance cloud disks are also essential practices to follow.

In the end, the most important practice to follow is to set up a maintenance plan for your storage that can monitor and optimize your cloud storage and adjust it depending on your usage to cut unnecessary costs.

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