Accelerate and Protect Your Website/App with Anti-DDoS Premium Mainland China Acceleration and Global Traffic Manager Smart Resolution Service

Configure the Mainland China Acceleration Selector

6. Next, we will configure the MCA CNAME. Mainland China users will use the MCA first, and failover to the Anti-DDoS IP in case the MCA is under attack.

Setup the GTM for Mainland Users With the GEO Smart Routing Capabilities

9. Access the Alibaba Cloud DNS console. Then, click “Global Traffic Manager and “Create Instance.” :arrow_right:

Configure the GTM CNAME Into the DNS

Now, we will configure the GTM CNAME into our Alibaba Cloud DNS. For this exercise, imagine it is your DNS service.

Verify the Results from Mainland China and Overseas

28. You can find any machine located in China to ping the hostname. The hostname will be resolved to the CNAME and connect to the MCA ( extremely fast (~ 13ms from SZ to Hong Kong.)

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