Accelerate Global Connection for Thailand

To find out more about Alibaba’s involvement with Thailand’s ongoing digital transformation, download the ‘Accelerate Global Connection for Thailand’ whitepaper today.

Named by Gartner as APAC’s number one cloud platform, Alibaba Cloud has worked with local ISPs in Thailand for years, helping them embrace advancing digitization as part of our Thailand ACcelerate solution. Using an array of cloud-based products and services, Alibaba complements Thailand’s multi-industry push for Industry 4.0 capabilities. These include Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), Short Message Service (SMS) and Global Accelerator solutions.

How Do These Solutions Help?

Globally, there is a huge demand for high-quality Content Delivery Networks due to the large distribution of multimedia content. Alibaba Cloud has been working closely with local ISPs in Thailand to deploy a highly scalable and high-performing content delivery service to support these ever-growing demands.

Our CDN provides cost-effective stability with more than 2,800 nodes covering six continents and 120 Tbps of bandwidth, high speeds endorsing a response time of less than several milliseconds, and scalability by supporting multiple native features.

With Thailand’s improving innovation and competitiveness, business growth is a top priority. Alibaba Cloud’s Cloud Enterprise Network can help drive this growth and combat the challenges that come with it.

Our CEN provides worldwide connectivity, allowing users to build a globally interconnected network with fast convergence. CEN is safe and reliable and furthermore, it is easy to use, meaning that creating your own network has never been easier.

The e-commerce market in Thailand is booming, particularly Short Message Service which is one of the most effective communication tools.

Alibaba Cloud’s SMS allows organizations to send messages globally using the best intuitive software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). Today, SMS API is invaluable to all business models.

Thailand has millions of online gamers, however, the country’s key challenge in supporting this growth is latency. Alibaba Cloud’s Global Accelerator provides low latency, accelerating both the users’ experience and gaming applications.

Global Accelerator features superior network quality, enhanced security, high availability, and easy deployment.

In short, Alibaba Cloud Thailand Accelerate provides organizations in Thailand with a suite of cloud-based solutions to help businesses grow on a global scale.

To find out more about Alibaba’s involvement with Thailand’s ongoing digital transformation, download ‘Accelerate Global Connection for Thailand’ whitepaper today.

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