ACtivate 2019: Empower Your Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud

Tell Me About ACtivate 2019 Conference

  • ACtivate Day 1 is ideal for business leaders and decision makers of companies who are driven to shape their future success through digital transformation.
  • ACtivate Day 2 is geared towards IT professionals, developers and tech enthusiasts, where we will provide product and solution training, evaluate readiness, and discuss management best practices.
  • First-hand information about Alibaba Cloud’s key success stories.
  • Deep-dive into cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and AI.
  • Free trainings on Alibaba Cloud’s core product and solution portfolio.
  • Know-how to secure your business with Alibaba Cloud products and solutions.
  • Alibaba Cloud’s key solution offerings that can help empower your business.

What Are the Key Topics at ACtivate 2019?

  • Artificial Intelligence — Alibaba Cloud’s Big Data and A.I. Products & Solutions
  • Big Data — How Organization Creates a Competitive Data Edge
  • Security — Compliance in the Digital World — Security and Protocols
  • Containter Service — Build Next Gen Financial Services with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes
  • DevOps — Using Terraform and Packer to Deploy Highly Available Architectures
  • China Gateway: Enabling Business Success in Digital China
  • Networking: Alibaba Cloud Network Solution Introduction
  • Web Hosting: Hosting Your Company Website on the Cloud
  • Retail: SMART Retail Cloud Solution in the Digital Age
  • Financial Services: Next Gen Financial Services with Alibaba Cloud

Why Should I Join the Conference?

  • How Alibaba Cloud core product and solution portfolio can help businesses jump-start their digital transformation journey.
  • How to expand globally with a compliant, reliable, and stable networking infrastructure and achieve accelerated content delivery, reduced latency, and improved experience.
  • How to establish an online web presence and penetrate the China Market in compliance with local regulations and ICP registration.
  • How to develop a technology roadmap for your digital transformation initiatives.

EXplore the Digital Transformation Journey with Alibaba Cloud



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