AI is taking off in showbiz

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have had the mainstream fired up since they made their silver screen debut in the 1920’s film, Metropolis. In the last decade alone, at least 30 movies with a spotlight on AI have been released. From Star Wars to Iron Man, AI technology has kept the masses entertained and chomping at the bit for more. In recent years, however, AI has since transcended its role as a plot focus to add more value to show business as a practical solution.

Cognitive movie trailers

Automatic screenwriters

Optimization for customers

Judging the performances of talents

This example demonstrates the ability of AI to judge the talent of performers in show business, in a way which emulates how humans evaluate talent.

While AI is incapable of true creativity, its technology speeds up labor-intensive work, giving those in the industry more time to focus on the creative process. While showbiz is still at the initial phases of adopting AI, it’s still exciting to see the ways it augments the production and distribution processes. It’s safe to say that this duo of machine intelligence and human creativity has made a lasting impact on showbiz, and there’s much more to come.


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