Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB Performance Ranks First Globally

Alibaba Cloud has been included in the report of a top-level organization once again. Recently, the TPC, a world-famous organization that performs data management system benchmark evaluation, published the latest database analysis performance rankings after a series of benchmarks. AnalyticDB, the ultra-large-scale database developed by Alibaba Cloud, ranked first in the list, becoming the first cloud database product worldwide that has passed the strict TPC audit and verification.

To put it simply, AnalyticDB supports online statistics and analysis of data and can help enterprises explore the data value in a simple, fast and real-time manner. Ranking first in the TPC report means that AnalyticDB has become the fastest real-time data warehouse in the world!

AnalyticDB is only one of the richest cloud database products that Alibaba Cloud currently provides in China. Alibaba Cloud is leading many database segments and provides a powerful set of databases, including AnalyticDB, PolarDB, Graph Database (GDB), ApsaraDB RDS, and Data Transmission Service (DTS).


This requires the features of AnalyticDB. Currently, AnalyticDB has become the fastest data warehouses in the world and shows 10 times better performance in complex analysis scenarios. AnalyticDB only takes milliseconds to perform multidimensional analysis of a trillion bytes of data.


POLARDB also adopts many advanced technologies including container virtualization, separation of storage and computing, and shared distributed block storage. Enterprises can scale up or down within five minutes, with a maximum of 1,000 cores to ensure the computing power and up to 100 TB storage. POLARDB is considered a choice enterprise database in the cloud era.

Graph Database (GDB)

Alibaba Cloud GDB can be applied in the aforementioned scenarios. Being the first cloud-native graph database in China, GDB supports in-depth optimization of highly relational datasets and allows querying and storing data with multiple degrees of relationships by using the shortest line of code. GDB provides 10+ times better query performance, with the query time reduced to milliseconds.

ApsaraDB for RDS

Data Transmission Service (DTS)

Alibaba Cloud Data Transmission Service (DTS) can significantly speed up database migration to the cloud. It features a distributed concurrent architecture, smart sharding, and parallel capturing. DTS supports 18 data sources and is the fastest tool for migrating hundreds of PB of data, with the data migration speed up to 100 MB/s.

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