Alibaba Cloud and Zhejiang University Jointly Held the First Innovation Challenge for Digital and Intelligent Services

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Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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On September 17, Li Jin, Vice President of Alibaba Group and General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Global Technical Service, announced the launch of Alibaba Cloud’s first innovation challenge for digital and intelligent services at the technical service sub-forum of the Aspara Conference 2020. The competition was jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud, Zhejiang University, Alibaba DAMO Academy, and the Tianchi platform.

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As one of the top 3 companies in cloud computing and AI around the world, Alibaba Cloud provides full-cycle technical services for enterprises, organizations, and developers worldwide. Among them, service scheduling optimization is one of the cores to improve customer experience. However, there are several problems to be solved, such as massive services, highly differentiated regions and languages, various customer issues, and complex service scenarios. When facing these problems, the difficulty in optimizing service scheduling through an algorithm is how to ensure the rapid distribution of massive services and efficiently and accurately match service scenarios with technical experts’ capabilities.

Li Jin stated, “All technology companies are tech-based in their early stage. Then, they must develop products based on technology and finally provide services based on products. I hope that through this competition, more young people will know what technical service is in the digital and intelligent era and how to make the digital transformation for enterprises. I also hope that through the competition, we can gather over 1,000 participating teams from 100 top universities worldwide, and select and award the most innovative and entrepreneurial young people.”

Professor Hou Dibo, the Deputy Dean of the College of Control Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University, said, “Online service has become normal and optimizing the service experience is crucial. Aiming at specific tasks, the existing AI technology focuses on modeling and decision-making problems under deterministic conditions. The complexity and uncertainty of people’s thinking and behavior makes it difficult for AI to solve human-related tasks. Taking “service” as the entry point, this competition hopes to attract more young students to pay attention to the application of AI technology and knowledge automation technology under complex and uncertain conditions.”

The codes and ideas accumulated during the competition will be shared in major technology forums and technology exhibitions. By doing so, we wish to build an ecological think tank of technology service with technology enthusiasts worldwide.

Visit the Tianchi platform to learn more about the latest technology-focused competitions hosted by Alibaba Cloud.

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