Alibaba Cloud at SIGCOMM: Exploring Cutting-edge Cloud Network Technologies

By Weiyun from Network team.


Alibaba Cloud’s Participation in SIGCOMM: Overview

Two Alibaba Cloud papers, “HPCC: High Precision Congestion Control” and “Safely and Automatically Updating In-Network ACL Configurations with Intent Language”, were chosen from more than 220 papers for interpretation at the main venue.

Alibaba Networking Summit

Yunzhou, a Senior Technical Expert at Alibaba Cloud, gave a panoramic introduction of the Alibaba Cloud’s networking products. Based on the virtual network system, Apsara Luoshen, Alibaba Cloud builds a large reliable global network with high performance and support for many services of Alibaba Group and Ant Financial Group, such as e-commerce, payment, and logistics. Apsara Luoshen has more than 1 million global users across various industries.

  • Cloud Network: Supports elastic bandwidth expansion from 1 Mbit/s to 1 Tbit/s in 1 second. In terms of scale, a single network supports 100,000 compute nodes. It also supports services as small as virtual web hosts, and massive peak traffic at midnight on the day of Double Eleven. When it comes to reliability, the average annual mean time between failures (MTBF) for a single instance is only 50 ms, which is extremely short.
  • Cross-region Network: Alibaba Cloud operates in 20 regions and 59 zones around the world. Users who deploy services in multiple regions usually face the great challenge of how to quickly activate cross-region networks and simplify the network configuration. Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is the first in the industry to implement 1-minute global network activation. Global interconnection is made available through single-point access based on techniques such as network-wide dynamic route learning and fast convergence.
  • Hybrid Cloud Network: Alibaba Cloud is the only cloud service provider to introduce the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. Smart Access Gateway connects to Alibaba Cloud through CCN using a network cable, to deeply integrate on-and-off-premises services. The entire process is intelligent and simple, with no configuration requirements on the user side.

Cloud Network Technology Poster Demonstration

Apsara Network Intelligence

Apsara Network Intelligence features large-scale applicability, high flexibility and efficiency, and deep intelligence. Apsara Network Intelligence processes hundreds of terabytes of data on a daily basis and provides the second-level monitoring and minute-level diagnostics capabilities to tackle millions of network control and forwarding devices, thousands of network metrics, hundreds of networking products, millions of network users, and a dozen group-level business units. Apsara Network Intelligence supports the continuous evolution and upgrading of massive network infrastructure based on the automatic change and fault recovery platform that is flexible and efficient. Apsara Network Intelligence allows network engineers to easily deal with the peak traffic at midnight on the day of Double Eleven with the aid of deep analysis and virtualization of data packets, streams, and instances.

Cloud Connect Network (CCN)

CCN has the key advantage of providing Internet-based networking quality parallel to that of private lines. To this end, Smart Access Gateway provides a reliable network connection through data redundancy technologies, such as forward error correction (FEC) and multiple packet delivery. In terms of scheduling, CCN schedules the optimal data forwarding path in real-time based on the measured results at the service layer. Smart Access Gateway makes protocol optimization to efficiently support firewall penetration and fast tunnel switching.

NFV Network Technology Platform

The NFV platform features auto-scaling, disaster recovery, multitenancy, and ecosystem friendliness. Resource pool management based on VNF-enabled network elements provides minute-level delivery and unlimited scale-out capabilities to meet the elastic needs of different services. In terms of reliability, the NFV platform supports multi-zone and multi-active disaster recovery, which allows a single abnormal node to recover automatically and quickly. The NFV platform supports multitenancy and third-party ecosystem access and separates VPCs between service providers and service consumers.


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