Alibaba Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) + Multimedia AI: Building a Trusted Digital Content Services Ecosystem

By Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service Team

On December 12, 2018, the 8th China Cloud Computing Standards and Application Conference was held in Beijing. Mr. Zhu Zhaoyuan, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Video Cloud team, said at the main forum that Alibaba Cloud multimedia AI has launched a blockchain-based platform to provide trusted digital content copyright services. The platform is an integrated solution to copyright and content protection, which is a new choice for the copyright protection industry and content platform users.

The trusted digital content copyright services use multimedia “DNA” technology to add a unique tag to each piece of digital work (whether the work is image, video, audio, or written text) and the blockchain technology to chain DNA and other critical information, building a platform supporting copyright deposit certificate, infringement tracing, and copyright trading. The blockchain and AI technologies solve traceability, content identification, and other complicated problems.

The services provided by the platform address three key issues:

  1. The eigenvalues of works are extracted based on multimedia DNA technology to provide a tamper-resistant and decentralized copyright deposit certificate system.
  2. The unique eigenvalue analysis and comparison algorithm of multimedia DNA technology enables the platform to be anti-attack capability. The system takes evidence of infringement online and records it in the blockchain for end-to-end tracing of copyright and infringement information.
  3. The blockchain-based decentralized copyright alliance includes the owners and users of digital content, providing multiple channels of distribution and options for content monetization. By means of smart contracts, revenues are allocated as agreed, and contract fulfillment is tracked automatically.

According to an industrial analysis report, the losses throughout the global network caused by copyright infringements increased from $6.7 billion in year 2010 to approximately $31.8 billion in year 2017 and will probably reach $52 billion in year 2022. China and the United States suffered the biggest losses in terms of copyright infringements. Improving the legal system is an approach to address disputes on property rights and intellectual property rights. Alibaba Cloud improves supporting services through technological innovation to establish a trusted copyright service ecosystem.

With the increasing copyright infringements and the enhancement of copyright awareness, Alibaba Cloud is also thinking about how to quickly and efficiently connect the parties closely related in copyright protection to establish an alliance with sufficient credibility, to accelerate the evolvement of the copyright ecosystem. Alibaba Cloud officially releases the trusted digital content copyright services at the Conference. The services combine blockchain and AI technologies (video DNA, audio DNA, image DNA, and text DNA) and put the copyright protection process online. The blockchain technology makes deposit certificates more credible, and the AI technology allocates a unique DNA to every piece of original content. This program will help the society clean up and maintain the network content ecology to some extent.

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