Alibaba Cloud BYOIP: A Smooth Cloud Migration Enabler

By Alibaba Cloud Network Team


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Challenges with Cloud Migration

  1. IP addresses must stay unchanged due to business requirements, such as the services that depend on an IP address whitelist, the system architecture that depends on IP addresses, and regulatory and compliance requirements.
  2. One single network line is currently in use, with higher latency, poorer elasticity, and slower scaling, making it unable to quickly respond to market demands.
  3. The security capability enterprises develop on their own is weak and lacks high-level Anti-DDoS protection. The entire line will become unavailable once attacked.

How Can BYOIP Help?

Targeting full data migration to cloud, Alibaba Cloud BYOIP can help enterprises retain their public IP addresses after migration by relying on three major capabilities: BYOIP advertisement, global multi-line BGP bandwidth, and Anti-DDoS Basic. This minimizes the transformation cost for cloud migration and the loss caused by business downtime. After bringing their own public IP addresses to Alibaba Cloud, enterprises can gain quick access to Alibaba Cloud’s global 89-line BGP resources and bandwidth elasticity exceeding 100 Gbps, which is equivalent to Alibaba Cloud EIPs. Relying on its global cleaning centers, as well as its GRE tunnels, cross connect, physical connections and other reinjection protection services, Alibaba Cloud provides global uncapped protection of Anycast with an overall capacity exceeding eight Tbps.

Using BYOIP for Global Scenarios

Building Hybrid Clouds with BYOIP

Challenges with Cloud Migration

Network is the first to migrate data to cloud. Alibaba Cloud BYOIP is now available to multiple regions around the world including China (Hong Kong), US (Virginia), US (Silicon Valley), UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt), India (Mumbai), Australia (Sydney), Japan (Tokyo), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Jakarta), UAE (Dubai), and Singapore (Singapore) to empower enterprises in their comprehensive transformation from offline networks to cloud networks for a greater business success.

Learn more about the solution here

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