Alibaba Cloud Empowers China’s Open Source Cloud Computing Communities

Technology Innovation Driven by Open Source

Open source is an inevitable trend in the primary technology field. It is evident that a basic technology without getting open sourced does not have vitality as its broad use is difficult. The development history of open source software brings excellent reference value to people inside and outside the software industry.

Open Source Force of Chinese Enterprises

The entry of LC3 into China indicates that unlike the past, Chinese enterprises now become increasingly important in the open source field. Almost all representative enterprises in China’s IT industry are playing an essential role in the open source field. They have now become one of the leaders in the open source world instead of requesters in the past. Vendors outside China are more interested in the Chinese open source environment with latecomer advantages compared with European and American enterprises with decades of software development history.

Alibaba Cloud Open Source Matrix in the LC3 Conference

Alibaba Cloud does not aim to show its strength in the open source field. Instead, it wants to invite more and more top engineers through open source to make progress together in the multi-scenario application. Early in 2012, Alibaba Cloud’s open source technology has bloomed on the cloud. The following are some classic examples.



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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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