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6 min readJun 30, 2020

On January 16, the Alibaba Cloud Day came to Jakarta for the first time to witness the digital transformation process and achievements of Indonesia. As the company with the largest market share in the Asia-Pacific region and the only global public cloud service provider with data centers in Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud has been committed to helping Indonesian companies achieve their digital vision and share the benefits of the cloud.

In March 2018, Alibaba Cloud officially launched service in the Indonesia region, becoming the first international public cloud service provider to operate locally. In early 2019, it launched another data center. After years of hard work, Alibaba Cloud has become a leading cloud computing provider in Indonesia, with customers across E-commerce, Finance, Logistics, and Retail.

At the press conference, Li Feifei, the Vice President of Alibaba Group and the President of the Alibaba Cloud database products division, introduced Alibaba Cloud’s technological innovations and practices in next-generation enterprise database systems.

1) Complete Ecosystem — A Leader in the Chinese Cloud Database Era

Alibaba Cloud has the most powerful and largest family of cloud database products in China, including relational databases, non-relational databases, analytic databases, and migration tools. Our solutions meet different database application development needs and provide users with cutting edge cloud databases with outstanding reliability, security, and efficiency.

Based on years of practical improvements and technical iteration, Alibaba Cloud databases have made rapid progress in product technology. We have gradually formed a complete database ecosystem, covering everything from relational databases to analytical data, NoSQL databases, and tools. Our core products include Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) databases such as PolarDB and AnalyticDB, a next-generation real-time OLAP analytical database.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud’s database family provides 26 cloud products and services, covering OLTP, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), NoSQL, and tools. We are a cloud vendor with the most comprehensive cloud ecosystem in China.

Alibaba Cloud has over 100,000 enterprise users with more than 400,000 databases in China and abroad. During the 2019 Double 11 Shopping Festival, Alibaba Cloud’s in-house products handled a peak of 544,000 orders per second for the first time. In the 2019 Gartner Global Magic Quadrant, an authoritative rating in the database field, Alibaba Cloud entered the Challenger quadrant and was the only Chinese enterprise selected for the second consecutive year.

Our complete ecosystem chain and continuously updated and optimized products give us the confidence to provide technical support to Indonesian enterprises and share with them the efficiency and convenience of the cloud era.

2) Embrace Indonesia — Multiple PolarDB Versions Are Now Available in Indonesia

Today, cloud migration is the inevitable choice of enterprises, and databases are a critical part of the cloud migration process. With the surge in data volume and the rapid growth of businesses, next-generation enterprise-level databases have gradually entered into our thinking. Li Feifei believes that the next-generation enterprise-level database architecture should combine a cloud-native architecture with a distributed architecture. This was the vision that gave birth to PolarDB, Alibaba’s proprietary next-generation relational and distributed cloud-native database.

PolarDB is designed with separated storage and computing as well as integrated software and hardware. It quickly scales up and down to meet the needs of all large-scale business scenarios. During the 2019 Double 11 Shopping Festival, PolarDB set a new record by completing 87 million database transactions per second (TPS). Currently, PolarDB is compatible with three database engines: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle (syntax compatibility). It was officially launched in the Indonesia (Jakarta) region last year.

At the 2019 Computing Conference, Alibaba Cloud announced the official launch of PolarDB-Box, a high-performance all-in-one machine for databases. This allows users to enjoy the edge computing capabilities of cloud databases by deploying them in their own data centers. This solution also provides one-click migration for the Oracle users and other traditional databases.

Li Feifei said, “PolarDB-Box is a product that transcends eras and breaks the service boundary of cloud databases.” Adhering to Alibaba Cloud’s “Cloud in Box” concept, we deliver the management capabilities of cloud-native databases to local IDCs, allowing users to enjoy the public cloud experience in their own data centers. At the same time, Li Feifei introduced the following two conceptual trends

1) DB for AI (AI Databases): Next-generation OLAP AnalyticDB Data Warehouse

This product integrates big data artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for databases to analyze structured and non-structured data online, maximizing the value of online data.

2) AI for DB (Database-oriented AI): Self-Driving Database Platform and Intelligent Kernel

The Self-Driving Database Platform (SDDP) provides intelligent O&M capabilities for cloud databases and features self-perception, self-decision-making, self-recovery, and self-optimization. It provides imperceptible and uninterrupted services to cloud users.

With greater intelligence capabilities, cloud data security is indispensable. Providing 99.99% high availability, Alibaba Cloud’s next-generation enterprise-level databases encrypt data and prevent leaks to ensure the security of cloud data.

3) Diversity and Openness — Fulfilling the Diversified Cloud Migration Needs of Enterprises

To date, more than 400,000 database instances have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud, including the databases of leading enterprises in fields such as government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics.

In partnership with many enterprises and under the pressure of each year’s Double 11, Alibaba Cloud databases are constantly improving their product functions and ecosystem. We are welcoming more and more partners, including leading Chinese enterprises in various industries, such as China Post, State Grid, Tianhong Asset Management, Douyu, and Intime Retail.

Not long ago, PrestoMall, a well-known Malaysian e-commerce company, decided to do away with its traditional Oracle commercial databases and turn to our PolarDB, which reduces their costs by nearly 40%.

PrestoMall has seen a sharp increase in data volumes and customer volumes over the past few years, with revenue increasing by 256% over the past three years. PrestoMall hit a new record during its past Double 12 and Christmas e-commerce promotions.

Just like Alibaba at the time, PrestoMall adopted Oracle databases when the company was established, but this architecture limited its elastic growth capabilities and led to high IT costs due to expensive commercial database licensing fees, limiting business growth. In August 2019, PrestoMall decided to switch from Oracle commercial databases. After ample research, they decided to move to the Alibaba Cloud PolarDB cloud database. During their research, PrestoMall evaluated the compatibility, cost, scalability, availability, migration convenience, and services and support of various databases. Alibaba Cloud’s complete Oracle migration solution impressed PrestoMall. In early December 2019, PrestoMall completed its migration to PolarDB in the cloud. This new database architecture successfully supported the company’s Double 12 and Christmas e-commerce promotions.

Li Feifei said, “Alibaba Cloud databases have provided technical support to several well-known enterprises in Indonesia. Through cloud computing, we are unleashing the potential of a digital superpower and helping enterprise users and partners accelerate cloud migration. We integrate cloud database technologies with the daily operations of enterprise users to promote the digital transformation of enterprises.”

Currently, Alibaba Cloud databases serve leading enterprises in the Indonesian e-commerce, financial technology, manufacturing, short video, and online education fields. We enable digital business practices through cloud empowerment.

As one of the world’s leading cloud databases, Alibaba Cloud databases hope to help partners in the Asia-Pacific region accelerate their digital transformations and use cloud-native database technology to continuously raise their businesses to new heights.

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