Alibaba Cloud HBase X-Pack Service: A New Standard for HBase Cloud Services

Features of Alibaba Cloud HBase X-Pack Service

Based on the new release, the capability of HBase has been expanded, enhancing the value of computation and business.

Multi-Model Support

Based on KV, cloud HBase supports a variety of data models, such as time-series, spatial-temporal, image, and full-text and document models, and has built-in rich processing capabilities, thus improving the efficiency of business development by a hundredfold.

Offline and Online Integration Processing

Based on the powerful online capability, HBase integrates the capabilities of stream processing, batch processing, OLAP, OLTP, high-speed object storage, and full-text retrieval. It is very suitable for the demands of complex business scenarios of enterprises and provides customers with the ability to integrate business out of the box.

Increased Backup Recovery Level

Backup recovery level has increased by more than a hundredfold, with the largest in the database field. The backup and recovery capabilities of traditional databases are often insufficient to deal with NoSQL scenarios. Cloud HBase successfully achieves a backup recovery level of hundreds of TBs or higher through vertical integration of high compression, kernel-level optimization, distributed processing and other capabilities, alleviating customers’ concerns.

Non-Perceived Separation of Hot and Cold Data

Alibaba Cloud takes the lead in supporting non-perceived separation of hot and cold data without affecting customers’ business, to help enterprises to easily handle cold data processing at only 1/3 of the cost without having to modify code.

Alibaba Cloud HBase in Action

According to the introduction, Alibaba Group started to research and put HBase into the production environment as early as 2010. From the initial Taobao historical transaction records to Ant security risk control data storage, it has been utilized for 8 years and tested against 8 years of November 11 shopping sprees. At the same time, the largest and most professional HBase technical team in China has been built, including 4 PMCs and 7 committers, with more than 200 important features in the HBase kernel being contributed by Alibaba. The scale of the group leads the world with in excess of 10,000 units, and the scale of single cluster exceeding 1,000 units.



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