Alibaba Cloud Launches 4 New Powerful Products — Free to Try

At the Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba Cloud launched some very exciting products on blockchain, serverless, middleware, and container. These products represent Alibaba Cloud’s continuous innovation towards developing world-leading technologies. What’s more, they are free to use now!


Alibaba Cloud Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is the world’s first blockchain product with Hyperledger Fabric protected by Intel SGX to highly secure your services at chip-level. The product provides an enterprise-level platform service that simplifies development and reduces the development time with one-click networks and infrastructure setup. Based on the highly reliable Alibaba Cloud data storage, it allows you to scale up your services quickly without interruption.

Currently, BaaS is in Beta release and it is free. Supported regions are Singapore, US East, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and China. Try it now!

For more information, visit the Blockchain as a Service product page at

Application High Availability Service

Alibaba Cloud Application High Availability Service is the world’s first cloud product to improve and maintain high availability for your applications. This service can automatically detect the application topology, track application changes, and provide a comprehensive assessment of application high availability. No matter if you are using microservices or traditional applications, Application High Availability Service can protect your services without any code modification.

Currently, this product is in Beta release and it is free. Try it now!

For more information, visit the Application High Availability Service product page at

Elastic Container Instances

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instances (ECI) allows you to run containers without managing servers. With our innovative technology, you can now launch multiple containers and deploy these containers in seconds with Alibaba Cloud ECI. Furthermore, it works with Kubernetes clusters through Virtual Kubelet and can be integrated with your other Alibaba Cloud services like VPC, Log Service, and CloudMonitor.

Currently, this product is in Beta release and it is free. Supported regions are US West, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Try it now!

Tracing Analysis

Developers are no longer need to log on to the machine and check logs now! Alibaba Cloud has launched Tracing Analysis to allow you to identify the performance bottlenecks quickly, and significantly improve the development and diagnosis efficiency in the microservices era. It is fully compatible with open-source SDKs such as Zipkin or OpenTracing, and can aggregate the performance results in real time, with a delay of less than one minute.

This product is free to use. Only data storage costs apply. Save up to 80% compared to DIY solutions. Try it now!

For more information, visit the Tracing Analysis product page at

For the latest news and updates of The Computing Conference 2018, watch the live streaming and replays of the conference at


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