Alibaba Cloud Launches 5G MEP to Accelerate Connection Efficiency

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By Cloud Communication Team

In the past two years, 5G has undoubtedly become one of the most popular new technologies in the world and a huge boost to the industrial Internet.

In April of this year, China’s three major mobile operators jointly released a white paper on 5G message service, marking the official upgrading of the traditional Short Message Service (SMS) to the message service based on media convergence. 5G messages are displayed through various information integration, with more emphasis on real-time interaction and all-in-one service. This shows its incomparable advantages compared to traditional SMS. At the same time, 5G messages provide a powerful channel for enterprises to connect with users. By integrating functions, such as more abundant media types, chatbot dialogs, and closed-loop effect analysis, 5G messages significantly improve the connection efficiency between enterprises and users.

To help cloud users make better use of 5G messages, Alibaba Cloud officially launched the 5G Message Enabler Platform (MEP.)

First, the MEP provides services through APIs. Users can quickly employ “message as a service” without knowing the complex underlying technology of 5G messages. Second, in addition to the standard robot connection provided by Alibaba, users can connect with their self-trained robots on MEP, improving the efficiency in delivering customer service. Third, the MEP uses cloud communication’s original AI capabilities to build a Rich Media Content Security System. This shortens the time required for users to apply for 5G messages and ensures content compliance. Fourth, as an open platform, the MEP will work with partners to provide cloud users with multiple types of industry application content templates to avoid reaching a plateau in content production efficiency during the cold start period and fully accelerate the application of 5G messages.

At the Apsara Conference held on September 18, Li Haibo, a Senior Product Expert of Alibaba Cloud Communication, presented a case of applying the 5G MEP in vertical industries. Alibaba Cloud Communication and its partner Fengdong developed a 5G message application for the logistics industry to improve Cainiao’s logistics and distribution service. Using a customer service chatbot provided by this app, Cainiao can give users real-time feedback on their issues. Presented through rich media, the feedback will be simpler for users to understand and act accordingly.

Li Haibo said, “In the past few months, Alibaba Cloud Communication has cooperated with its partners from the new retail industry to explore the application of 5G messages in various aspects, such as user consultation, purchase, and after-sales service. After verification, we believe that 5G messages are totally different from SMS or Push notifications. 5G messages have more interactive forms and a more complete tracking system. In the future, Alibaba Cloud Communication hopes more partners can join in the exploration to promote the application of 5G messages in various industries.”

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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