Alibaba Cloud Launches HiTSDB to Accelerate Migration of IoT Devices to the Cloud

Five Major Enterprise IoT Pain Points Solved by Alibaba Cloud HiTSDB + IoT Suite

Problems encountered by IoT enterprises become more and more prominent as the number of devices increases. These problems include:

  1. The large number of devices and diversified product types create great difficulties in management and authentication.
  2. The communication traffic between devices and services becomes unmanageable. Communication systems encounter bottlenecks and administrators fail to ensure system stability.
  3. Security becomes an acute challenge. No authentication mechanism is available for devices and data transmission, resulting in data leakage and threatening the production security.
  4. IoT devices consistently and frequently generate a large amount of data, and the storage cost rapidly increases.
  5. Services need to explore the data values. However, the analysis efficiency is low due to a large number of devices and the long analysis time span. This reduces the timeliness value of data.

Granular Permissions for Enhanced Security and 90% Reduction in Storage Costs

The IoT suite can manage device-statuses and provides a device management model with the tree structure. It also provides granularity in defining device permissions to ensure that only devices or applications with the access permissions can perform operations on related resources. With the specification engine configuration of the IoT hub, users can conveniently write data to HiTSDB without developing any applications.

Maximum Utilization of Device Data Stored in HiTSDB

HiTSDB can monitor devices in real time by extracting and monitoring data in every time series. HiTSDB can read millions of data points in a second, meeting the requirement for querying and monitoring data in real time when the device data collection frequency is high. Additionally, the built-in aggregator of HiTSDB can be used to perform aggregate computing based on the device attribute tags in real time, and the application layer does not need to implement any computing logic. The aggrator also supports statistics of group indicators based on these tags to compare data of devices with different attributes.


HiTSDB + IoT suite efficiently monitors millions of devices and helps organizations in querying the data in real time. With this suite, enterprises can significantly accelerate their IoT initiatives and harness the true value of the evolving ecosystem.



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