Alibaba Cloud Launches HiTSDB to Accelerate Migration of IoT Devices to the Cloud

Five Major Enterprise IoT Pain Points Solved by Alibaba Cloud HiTSDB + IoT Suite

“What users need are more intelligent IoT tools. The IoT suite launched by Alibaba Cloud this time provides the all-in-one hosting service that enables users to implement full-stack services, including data collection, computing, and storage, simply by using the rule engine to configure rules on the Web. Users no longer need to purchase servers separately for deploying a distributed architecture.”

Granular Permissions for Enhanced Security and 90% Reduction in Storage Costs

Maximum Utilization of Device Data Stored in HiTSDB

“Continuous efforts on HiTSDB indicate another important direction for the future development of IoT. I believe that breakthroughs in the time series database technology will bring more innovation to automatic driving, smart manufacturing, and smart home. “, the HiTSDB representative said.




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