Alibaba Cloud Launches Link Develop 2.0 for Faster IoT Development

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3 min readOct 30, 2018


We are excited to announce the official launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) development platform, Link Develop 2.0, for the China domestic portal users. This is good news for IoT developers as Link Develop 2.0 helps to speed up IoT deployment by simplifying the entire implementation process.

Note: Link Develop 2.0 will be available for international users in the near future.

The Link Develop 2.0 platform is intended for IoT developers and covers the whole link of IoT development to enable full-stack development on one platform. This includes devices, data migration to the cloud, data analysis, web app and mobile app development, and service development.

We will highlight 4 features of the newly launched Link Develop 2.0 for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Highlight #1: Embedded Online Development Workbenches, Enabling Code-based Site Deployment

Link Develop 2.0 provides two embedded development workbenches for C and JavaScript, helping embedded developers easily migrate device data to the cloud and develop business apps. Many developers have had the experience of slaving away for a long time to drag several gigabytes of source code libraries, and then they still have to install PythonGitNode.js and other dependencies. Such an experience may leave developers feeling demoralized when the development has not even started. With the online workbenches, developers no longer have to worry about the environment configuration issue. They can easily compile code and deploy sites.

Highlight #2: Visualized App Building without the Need for Expertise in Frontend Languages

Link Develop 2.0 allows for visualized app building for both Web app and mobile app development. Traditional embedded developers can develop excellent frontend apps without any expertise in frontend languages.

Highlight #3: Drag-and-Drop Service Orchestration without the Need for Compiling Script Code

Traditional service developers have to master frontend and backend development languages, as well as studying lots of API documents.

Link Develop 2.0 supports the innovative streaming service orchestration, which presents the device nodes, DingTalk robot, database, and other familiar APIs to developers as a series of nodes. Developers can easily generate an API link through a simple drag-and-drop, facilitating data dumping, information push, and device alarm reporting.

Highlight #4: JavaScript-based IoT Full-Stack Development, A New Blue Ocean for Internet Developers

By providing the embedded online JavaScript development workbench TinyEngine, Link Develop 2.0 makes IoT development, especially embedded development, no longer exclusive to C developers. Working with the frontend Web framework Bone.js, Link Develop 2.0 allows developers to implement full-stack development from devices to apps by using only JavaScript. Internet developers are welcome to join the new blue ocean of IoT.

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