Alibaba Cloud Launches Ten Thousand Data Warehouses Program, Empowering Businesses with Cloud-Native Data Warehouses

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By ApsaraDB

As cloud computing ushers in the era of cloud native, traditional databases are shifting to the cloud-native architectures. At the release conference for the “Ten Thousand Data Warehouses Program”, Li Feifei (Feidao), the chief scientist at the Alibaba DAMO Academy and head of the Alibaba Cloud intelligent database department, discussed the trends in cloud-native technology, and Zhan Chaoqun (Lizhe), a researcher from his department, broke down the new features of AnalyticDB. In addition, Alibaba Cloud invited its customers to share their best practices with the new solution.

Ten Thousand Data Warehouses Program

The program offers a complete set of solutions, such as a free trial of the real-time instant data warehouse service, the one-yuan cloud-native data warehouse experience pack, and the developer and application ecosystems. This lowers the costs of data warehouses, bringing them within the reach of more users.

By using the instant data warehouse feature of AnalyticDB, you can integrate data from throughout the network into the data warehouse in real time. The $1 cloud-native data warehouse experience pack and the developer and application ecosystems make it possible to implement a complete architecture for cloud-native data warehouses, including data access, data analysis (such as Quick BI, Quick Audience, and Dataphin), and data applications (with multi-language support).

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AnalyticDB: A Cloud-Native Data Warehouse Solution by Alibaba Cloud

According to the test results released this year by the authoritative database and big data performance evaluation organization TPC, AnalyticDB set a new world record in the TPC-DS 10TB benchmark test for complex analysis scenarios, outperforming other participants in the same category. The results for TPC-H, the benchmark test on mixed transaction and analysis loads, indicate that AnalyticDB set a new world record for TPC-H 30TB. AnalyticDB outperformed Microsoft SQL Server 2019, the second-place finisher, by 290%. At the same time, AnalyticDB is the only distributed database product that has been certified by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology through both the “Special Test on Fundamental Capabilities and Performance of Distributed Analytic Database” and the “Special Test on Fundamental Capabilities and Performance of Distributed Transaction Database”.

AnalyticDB in Action

Tianhong Asset Management discussed its use of AnalyticDB for real-time data warehouses in asset management scenarios. Previously, it was becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and analyze user and business sales data in real time due to the company’s introduction of microservices for sales services, the exponential growth of sales data, and the use of sub-databases and sub-tables for fund sales business data. By introducing AnalyticDB as their data warehouse, the customer can now respond to various needs, including operations, active marketing, and data analysis, in an effective, efficient, and economic way.

The Era of Cloud-Native Data Warehouses

Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB comes in two flavors: AnalyticDB for MySQL and AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL.

Databases are now entering the era of cloud-native technology. Born on the cloud, AnalyticDB will bring open, agile, and cloud-based services to businesses in the future.

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