Alibaba Cloud Message Queue vs. Message Service

The Architectural Difference

The older, battled tested Message Queue has been integrated into the infrastructure of Alibaba Group for over 11 years and servicing Alibaba’s 11–11 e-commerce sales event for over nine years. In September 2017, RocketMQ, the kernel engine of Alibaba Cloud Message Queue, became an Apache top-level project.

The Performance Difference

Both the Message Queue and the newer Message Service are blazing fast and globally scalable across the many Alibaba Cloud data centers. They both provide 99.9999999% reliability and ensure successful message delivery within the valid period.


Both products are robust, reliable and scalable. The Message Queue has been used at the largest e-commerce site in the world, has tons of articles and expertise behind it and performs really well. However, the Message Service can do what the Message Queue can but it also has a greater feature set and allows for smoother interoperability between applications written in different languages. For this reason, if you are starting out with message queues or looking to switch, I’d highly recommend the Message Service over the Message Queue.



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