Alibaba Cloud NAS: The One Container Solution for Cloud-Native Technology


Challenges Posed by Cloud Native to Storage

Challenge 1: Storage Performance

  • Impact of centralized high throughput on shared storage pools: In high-performance computing scenarios, data is processed in batches and the bandwidth in the same storage cluster may become congested, causing a deterioration in access quality.
  • Insufficient peak throughput: Large-scale data processing that features a small number of files, high peak throughput, and incessant requests will push the exclusive cluster to the bandwidth limit.
  • GPU waits caused by increase in latency: In read-intensive multi-machine and multi-card GPU training scenarios, the increase in latency will cause IOWait and GPU wait.

Challenge 2: Storage Elasticity

Challenge 3: High Availability of Storage

Challenge 4: Storage Security

Challenge 5: Storage Lifecycle Management

How Does Alibaba Cloud NAS Address These Challenges?

Why Choose Alibaba Cloud NAS for Container Storage?

  • Web services: Content management applications, such as WordPress, are scaled out to multiple instances for performance and redundancy and can share uploads, plugins, and templates across multiple instances.
  • Software development tools: Developer tools such as JIRA and Git need to share data between instances to achieve high availability, but the code is kept in multiple Alibaba Cloud zones for persistence.
  • Big data analysis and processing: Machine learning frameworks, such as genetic data processing and Tensorflow, need to access data through file system interfaces and use shared persistent storage. This allows multiple users to use and run jobs on the same set of data in parallel.
  • Enterprise applications: Shared notebooks (such as Jupyterhub) need to provide persistent storage for notebook data and user workplaces, and shared storage makes collaboration easy for data scientists.


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