Alibaba Cloud Offers a Security Emergency Response Plan for Global Bank Websites Targeted by Hackers

By Shuang Le,

Recently, Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor has detected attacks against global central bank websites by Anonymous members. So far, more than two important websites in China have been attacked, primarily by high volume DDoS and HTTP flood attacks.

Alibaba Cloud has detected DDoS and HTTP flood attacks through threat intelligence, as the main attacks of this incident. So far, attacks have caused intermittent access failures of multiple websites.

Attack Characteristics

Alibaba Cloud security experts have come up with five attack characteristics:

Emergency Response Plan: Building a Robust Security Defense System

Alibaba Cloud security experts recommend building a security defense emergency system that integrates Anti-DDoS Service Pro and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Alibaba Cloud responds to high-risk incidents with a defense system that integrates Anti-DDoS Service Pro and WAF. The solution can be simply deployed by updating DNS resolution, and available for both cloud and on-premises (including non-Alibaba Cloud) systems.

Anti-DDoS Service Pro implements the SaaS security service to effectively defend against DDoS attacks when origin servers become unavailable under a large volume of DDoS attack traffic. This ensures the stability and reliability of the origin site.

Based on the powerful big data capability of Alibaba Cloud, WAF defends against SQL injection, XSS, common web server plugin vulnerabilities, Trojan uploads, unauthorized access to core resources, and other common OWASP attacks. It filters out massive numbers of malicious attempts to prevent leakage of users’ website assets and data, helping enforce website’s security and availability.

Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Features

Alibaba Cloud Security’s Anti-DDoS provides the following features and benefits:

Alibaba Cloud WAF Features

Alibaba Cloud Security’s WAF provides the following features and benefits:

Additional Suggestions from Alibaba Cloud Security Experts

Considering the high complexity and resistance of this attack, you should contact a professional security service vendor and a service staff member to create a comprehensive solution.

Alibaba Cloud experts can help you to implement a robust security solution to protect your system against such attacks. The benefits of Alibaba Cloud security services include:

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