Alibaba Cloud RAM — Part 1: An Overview of Resource and Access Management

Why Do You Need Identity and Access Management?

The Alibaba Cloud Solution | RAM

An Introduction to Alibaba Cloud RAM

The Features of Alibaba Cloud RAM

  • Manage Users and User Groups
  • Centralized Management: You can manage all user authorization functions from your console without configuring and managing different systems.
  • Enable (MFA) Multi-Factor Authentication for Users
  1. MFA Devices with TOTP Protocol
  2. Assign Special Permissions (Virtual Host Shutdown)
  1. API Access Keys for Programmable Access
  2. Access Keys for Console Operations Management
  • Use Security Token Service for Mobile Clients
  1. Grant Specific Cloud Resource Access Permissions for Direct Access to Cloud Resources
  2. Set Custom Token Validity to Enhance Secure Access
  • Apply Independent Password Policy Management
  1. Set Custom Password Strength Policies
  2. Control Allowed Logon Attempts
  3. Control Password Validity Period
  4. Other Custom Policies
  • Manage instances and data by RAM users, which is not dependent on user existence
  • Set Execution Permission
  1. Permissions like denying or allowing conditional execution of certain resources
  • Manage Resource Access Channels
  • Set Group Permissions
  1. Scenario-Specific Access Management
  2. Reduced Load for Permission Management
  • Manage Timed Access
  • Define Access Based on IP-address Filtering
  • Use Single Sign-On Service (SSO)
  • Use User-Based and Role-Based SSO with Identity Providers (IdPs)
  • Multi-Tier Access Management
  1. Grant permission for one or multiple operations on a single resource
  2. Restrict permissions based on IP, time, and other custom factors
  • Use Version Management
  1. Multiple versions of each authorization policy may be retained, eliminating the risk of policy deletion
  • Pay Nothing
  1. Alibaba Cloud Resource and Access Management (RAM) is offered free of cost with other Alibaba Cloud products and services.

How Does It Work?

Wrapping Up

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