Alibaba Cloud RAM — Part 3: Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios | Alibaba Cloud RAM

Scenario 1: Enterprise User Account Management | Permission Control

  • Create custom policies
  • Grant permissions by binding one or more policies to a user or user groups.
  • Create access keys and credentials
  • Provide access to one or multiple cloud resources
  • Provide time-based or location-based access rules
  • Bind the primary account to an MFA device
  • Configure the MFA independently

Scenario 2: Inter-Enterprise Resource and Access Management

Scenario 3: Mobile Apps and Temporary Access Management

  • To access a resource, the mobile application will request an STS-token from the app server.
  • The Alibaba Cloud RAM role is defined, and the necessary permissions have been granted.
  • A user is associated with this RAM role for the application server access.
  • The app server calls the STS API to obtain the token.
  • The mobile application uses the token to upload or download data from Alibaba Cloud OSS

Scenario 4: Authorizing Applications | Alibaba Cloud RAM

Wrapping Up

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