Alibaba Cloud Releases an Enterprise-Level IoT Platform with a SLA of 99.99%

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At the Apsara Conference on September 18, Alibaba Cloud released the next-generation enterprise-level instance of the IoT platform. It is said that the next-generation instance will provide instance deployment for enterprises. It also includes multiple capabilities, such as videos, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT device access, device security authentication, data backup, and analysis. At the same time, the instance supports exclusive resources for the device connection layer. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the high-availability version instance can reach 99.99%.

He Yunfei is the Product Director of Alibaba Cloud AIoT products. At the Apsara Conference, He said, “Every enterprise needs its own manageable, high-available, and secure IoT platform that can be easily accessed.” Alibaba Cloud’s next-generation enterprise-level instance of the IoT platform can perfectly meet the IoT platform requirements of enterprises.

According to He Yunfei, the next-generation enterprise-level instance of the IoT platform provides a high-availability version and three more instance types: connection type, video type, and data type, compared with the last-generation instance. Customers can also choose the Link WAN with the LoRaWAN device access and management capabilities provided, or the ID2 service for device security authentication, connection, encryption, and key management. These features greatly enhance capabilities provided by the enterprise-level instance, improve the SLA of the instance, and can guarantee the rapid and stable development of customers’ businesses.

The next-generation instance includes:

  1. Basic Type: Basic functions, such as device access, device management, rules engine, monitoring and O&M, and time series data storage are supported, with SLA reaching 99.95%.
  2. Connection Type: Based on basic type, functions, such as exclusive resources for device connection layer, domain name and certificate customizing, and protocol conversion gateway customizing are added, supporting over 1 million device connections.
  3. Video Type: Based on basic type, functions of the connection of video devices, such as IPC, NVR, and AI-BOX are added. It supports live video, video-on-demand (VoD), transcoding, and storage. It also supports AI algorithms for video analysis.
  4. Data Type: Based on basic type, functions, such as data backup exporting, data asset management, data analysis, and data service are added.
  5. High-Availability Version: Different from the standard version, the high-availability version supports multi-replica disaster recovery with SLA reaching 99.99%. This version is suitable for customers with high requirements on service availability.

Li Guocai, Product Manager of Alibaba Cloud IoT products, said, “Many enterprises are still building their own IoT platforms on the cloud. They spend too much on virtual machine rental and platform O&M every year. On the contrary, instance deployment is like purchasing a virtual machine (VM) from the public cloud and running IoT software services. In addition to providing efficient IoT services, such as access, management, monitoring, and analysis, the instance deployment allows enterprises to have an independent infrastructure.”

Catch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2020 at this link!

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