Alibaba Cloud Security Center Launches a One-Click Anti-ransomware Feature

  1. Based on comprehensive threat intelligence from Alibaba Cloud, the Security Center implements real-time defense against a large number of known ransomware. After the ransomware is initiated, the Security Center detects and intercepts the process immediately. This protects important documents and data to enterprise, helps prevent files from being encrypted.
  2. Alibaba Cloud Security Center also uses decoy files to monitor and capture potential ransomware behavior in real-time. This is particularly useful for new and unknown ransomware. Once abnormal encryption behavior is identified, it will be intercepted and a notification will be sent directly to the user.
  3. In addition to ransomware defense, the Alibaba Cloud Security Center integrates a backup service that backs up specified files periodically. It can restore the files according to specific timestamps or versions. If files are encrypted, users can restore the files to the most recent version before the ransomware to avoid any data loss.
  1. Fix system vulnerabilities from time to time so that hackers cannot exploit or leverage them to perform attack.
  2. Do not use a weak password. Also, be sure to enable two-factor authentication.
  3. Do not expose unnecessarily ports to Internet in order to reduce the attack surface.

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