Alibaba Cloud Starts a “New Long March” of Technical Services

It Is Necessary for Technology Enterprises to Develop from a Tech-Based to Service-Based Business

  • First, Alibaba Cloud provides customers with full-cycle symbiotic services. These services cover consultation planning in the early stages of cloud migration, deployment and delivery of cloud migration, focused maintenance of key business, and operation upgrading developed along with business growth. These services can provide end-to-end protection for customers’ businesses.
  • Second, based on the best practices accumulated from the delivery of nearly 10,000 projects, Alibaba Cloud has a full range of business scenarios and rich delivery experience. Combined with the technological innovation capabilities of DAMO Academy, Alibaba Cloud provides cloud-native and data intelligence solutions for various fields, such as government affairs, retail, finance, and manufacturing, which can help deliver the best practices for customers’ business.
  • Finally, based on the next-generation digital infrastructure and intelligence engines in various industries, Alibaba Cloud has developed a variety of intelligent innovative applications together with ecosystem partners. These applications help Alibaba Cloud and ecosystem partners complement each other. Together, Alibaba Cloud and its partners have empowered millions of developers and served more than 3 million enterprise customers. In this process, Alibaba Cloud has also helped many partners to achieve rapid business growth. Some partners have completed the transformation from traditional business to emerging industries, becoming City Brain operators rather than traditional ICT enterprises.

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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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