Alibaba Cloud Supported 583,000 Orders/Second for 2020 Double 11 — The Highest Traffic Peak in the World!

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At just 26 seconds past 00:00 AM, November 11th, Tmall achieved a peak of 583,000 orders in just one second. This is the highest peak recorded for Alibaba’s annual Double 11 festival, and the highest traffic peak ever witnessed in the world!

The first Double 11 festival in 2009 recorded just 400 orders/second, making this year’s achievement more than 1457 times higher than the number achieved in the first edition. And what’s more, by going fully cloud native, the peak transaction cost per 10,000 orders is reduced by 80% compared to 4 years ago.

Alibaba Cloud is committed to innovating new technologies to serve our customers better. This latest achievement is a testament to that commitment, and we hope to achieve more in the years to come. We wish you all a pleasant Double 11!

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