Alibaba Cloud Supports 70% of Total Online Streaming Traffic for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

According to a report released by Alibaba Cloud, it is estimated that about 70% of the total online traffic for World Cup live broadcasting was runnin…

On June 14, 2018, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Moscow, Russia. Tens of millions of audiences in China watched the opening match online on CCTV 5, Youku, CCTV Video, and Migu Video. What’s worth noting is that all these four online live broadcasting platforms chose Alibaba Cloud products and services to ensure a smooth and low-latency HD watching experience for audiences.

The Largest Online Live Broadcasting Event

According to a report released by Alibaba Cloud, the first traffic peak arrived at the 44th minute of the opening match, with the peak traffic equivalent to 1.5 times of that of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala. This means that the 2018 World Cup became the largest online live broadcasting event in history! During the matches, Alibaba Cloud estimated that about 70% of the total online traffic for World Cup live broadcasting was running on its platforms.

Alibaba Cloud supported its customers by providing full-stack technology and support services through elastic computing, CDN, video AI, and narrow-band HD 2.0 technologies. With its narrow-band HD technology, Youku saved up to 40% bandwidth consumption while guaranteeing ultra-HD streaming quality experience. Alibaba Cloud services optimize resources and minimize costs to bring audiences a smoother experience.

An Immersive Experience with AI

Alibaba Cloud’s contributions were not limited to just live streaming solutions. AI technologies were also heavily introduced for the 2018 World Cup. For example, CCTV 5 uses the intelligent video AI technology provided by Alibaba Cloud to analyze passes, shots, fouls, and other motion tracking analysis. AI technologies have replaced complex high-definition on-site production equipment, producing event highlights in real time without missing any exciting moments.

“We are the only cloud computing company in China that supports all live World Cup online broadcasting platforms and we have rich experience in technical support services for large-scale event live broadcasting,” said Zhu Zhaoyuan of Alibaba Cloud.


Alibaba Cloud has been supporting most national events in China. During the 2018 Spring Festival, content providers such as WeChat, Mango TV, and CCTV all rely on Alibaba Cloud’s elastic solutions to smoothly handle bursty traffic peaks. On the Chinese New Year’s Eve celebration, WeChat added tens of thousands of ECS instances to support its services.

At present, Alibaba Cloud is the largest CDN service provider in China. Owning more than 1500 nodes and a total of more than 120 TB bandwidth globally, Alibaba Cloud serves over 300,000 customers. One third of China’s Internet traffic runs on Alibaba Cloud and 70% of Internet content deliveries are sped up by Alibaba Cloud. According to the latest CDN report released by Gartner, Alibaba Cloud is rated as “Global”.


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