Alibaba Cloud Supports Mainstream Open Source Developer Tools to Further Enhance Developers’ Experience

  1. As business infrastructure is becoming more complex, is it still possible to build an architecture with just a few clicks?
  2. Can a custom cloud image be used to create multiple instances?
  3. As enterprises and individuals are becoming more concerned with data security, how can sensitive data, such as AccessKeys and certificates, be automatically encrypted, accessed, and stored?
  4. How can we implement application development and O&M without manually logging on to the machine?
  5. How can we quickly migrate data from a large number of machines in a complex architecture to Alibaba Cloud?
  6. If an enterprise wants to migrate its data to the cloud, how can it manage cloud resources of different vendors in a unified manner?

Terraform, Simplifying Resource Management

# Download the template and go to the template directory.
$ git clone && cd terraform-alicloud-classic-load-balance
# Initialize Terraform.
$ terraform init
# Preview the resources to be created.
$ terraform plan
# Create all resources.
$ terraform apply
# Release all resources with one click.
$ terraform destroy

Packer, Freeing You from Image Creation

# Download the Jenkins example.
$ git clone
# Create a Jenkins image with one click.
$ packer build examples/alicloud/jenkins/alicloud.json

BOSH, Simplifying Deployment and Management of the Platform Architecture

Ansible, Automatically Managing Alibaba Cloud Resources

# Download the alicloud_ecs_vpc example and go to its directory.
$ git clone && cd ansible-provider/examples/alicloud-ecs-vpc
# Create cloud resources with one click.
$ ansible-playbook alicloud.yml
# Delete cloud resources with one click.
$ ansible-playbook destroy.yml

Vault, Simplifying Key Management

Alibaba Cloud Developer Center

  1. Developer Center:
  2. API and SDK:
  3. Open source projects:
  4. Developer services:
  5. OpenAPI Explorer:
  6. Cloud Shell:
  7. API Error center:




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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Follow me to keep abreast with the latest technology news, industry insights, and developer trends. Alibaba Cloud website:

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