Alibaba Cloud Upgrades Serverless Offering for Better User Experience

More Features for Function Compute and Container Integration

Overcoming Thresholds on Experience

The advantages of Function Compute (FC) are obvious. It helps developers perform massive and complex scaling, O&M, capacity planning, and cloud product integration. This allows developers to focus on the business logic, accelerate delivery time for faster time-to-market, and continuously optimize costs. However, migrating from traditional applications to FC still faces many challenges. For example, there are difficulties and problems of different operating environments, high costs of application building and learning, restrictions on code package services, insufficient version managements for deliverables, support and integration shortage of popular open-source tools such as CI/CD pipeline.

The Solution Lies within Containers

The container ecosystem is rich and mature, and has been widely accepted and used. Application containerization has become a de facto standard for development and deployment. The newest FC allows container images to be used as function deliverables. It integrates containers’ development, deployment, and ecosystem (before going online) with FC’s O&M free, idle cost free, and cloud service integration (after going online). Thus, it comprehensively upgrades the developer experience in:

Serverless Devs: A Solution for the Serverless Tool Chain Problem

The implementation of serverless cannot be achieved by a single commercial product, but by a complete chain of tools. This is because serverless involves the creation of projects, and the development, testing, release, and deployment of applications. It is the full lifecycle management of the entire development and O&M project.

EventBridge: Standard for Event-driven Architectures

In July 2019, EventBridge was launched by AWS and honored as the most important product since Lambda. By far, it has become the standard for event-driven architectures. Event-driven architecture has been listed by Gartner as one of the 10 major strategic technology trends, and will become the mainstream trend of microservices in the future.

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