Alibaba Discloses Future Plans for IoT and Intelligent Voice Systems

Voice is the Most Natural Way to Interact with IoT

Since we are talking about connecting everything through IoT, we should first decide how people connect with their devices. As a practitioner of speech interaction, I can confidently say that speech is the most natural way for people to interact with IoT.

Addressing Customer Needs

With so much internet content and service, the next question we need to address is how to create better quality content and services to reach consumers. Its tentacles are the IoT end on the left-hand side. Whether it’s through the more traditional cell phone or IoT devices like we have today, a smart speaker or our smart TVs, smart network cars, or even robots; we use these terminals to deliver our internet content and services to our consumers. The bridge in the middle and the media are natural interfaces between human and machine, whether it’s through speech, computer vision, or some combination of the two. We are always working toward this big picture, developing intermediate technologies, and then constructing such a bridge.

Technology Creates Business

Alibaba Cloud is very serious about layout technology. Even though we are a very successful company commercially, we also hope to grasp the core technology that surrounds the core of interaction. We hope that we will then be able to follow product innovation to produce sustainable iteration and keep improving. One example is that we start with the microphone’s hardware, the sensor’s hardware technology, and then move to a combination of microphones designed as a microphone array, then to signal-processing to the array, and then from the very beginning to the end, find the top experts in the world to create the technology.

The Road Ahead for the IoT

There are always arguments when it comes to IoT research and implementation. For example, in the field of smart homes, there is a lot of debate around whether we should have centralized or decentralized devices. Or the argument might be whether or not we should, at this stage, emphasize that IoT devices are portals to the internet, or merely as devices that complete simple tasks to satisfy customers’ needs. Furthermore, as a commercial company, should we make proprietary hardware or use platforms and cooperate with leading hardware companies to accomplish the same?



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