Alibaba’s SSD Platform Sets a New Standard for Storage

Alibaba Group launched its Open Channel Ecosystem at the Flash Memory Summit 2019; a strong statement of intent for the global storage industry. The company is collaborating with global vendors on an Open Channel SSD (Solid State Drive) solution for the platform. Partners including Intel, Micron, Skhynix, Shannon Systems, and CNEXLabs will roll out Open-Channel SSD products on the platform on a later phase.

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“The proliferation of AI and cloud computing has led to increasingly sophisticated demands, which traditional storage systems face severe limitations meeting. Against this background, Alibaba has pioneered the research and development of a new storage system, the Open Channel SSD infrastructure. This underscores our commitment to driving both innovation and optimization of technology infrastructure in the AI and cloud era,” said Shu Li, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba Infrastructure Services. “We are thrilled to partner different manufacturers for the faster adoption of SSD-centered infrastructure and ecosystems,” Li added.

With the optimum ecosystem now in place, Alibaba will collaborate with vendors and industry players to foster the deployment of SSD products, increasing their efficiency, improving supply elasticity, and meeting the ultimate goal of developing the most advanced storage technology for the AI and cloud era.

AOC SSD is Alibaba’s third original storage product and the first Open Channel SSD product in the industry, marking a key step of Alibaba’s next-generation storage architecture, and laying the foundation for an innovative Open Channel ecosystem. Alibaba has been deploying Alibaba Open Channel SSD, or AOC SSD, as part of its next generation data center infrastructure. A wide increase in third-party vendor AOC SSDs is expected in 2019.

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At the heart of AOC SSD is AliFSC, Alibaba’s first customized high-performance storage controller. AliFSC is customized for Alibaba’s Open Channel SSD requirements. It features six cores and a 16 channels design, along with a PCIe G3x8 interface, and can work with all major 3D TLC NAND components.

The launch of AOC SSD marks Alibaba’s transition into a global leader in storage technology. The innovation will benefit Alibaba’s infrastructure, making it more efficient and competitive in support of its plans for global growth.

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