Aliware Releases New Developer Services to Make Development Easier

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit

Alibaba Cloud Toolkit is a plug-in that Alibaba Cloud provides for Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). It aims to help developers efficiently develop and deploy cloud-ready applications. After installing Alibaba Cloud Toolkit in an IDE (such as Eclipse or IntelliJ), developers can configure the cloud deployment environment directly on the IDE GUI. In this way, developers can develop, debug, and test applications locally and then easily deploy the applications to Alibaba Cloud.

Tracing Analysis

In the microservices era, the distributed application architecture enables applications to scale out horizontally, but makes the O&M and diagnosis processes increasingly complex. For example, it is difficult to diagnose interfaces, integrate programs of different languages, and analyze invocation trace data offline. It is also hard to diagnose application performance and analyze the architecture. Traditional monitoring tools do not support cross-service monitoring.

Application High Availability Service (AHAS)

To ensure high availability (HA) of applications and business continuity, enterprises that use traditional application HA solutions need to make significant changes in their IT architecture. The long go-online duration and difficult construction and maintenance also drive many companies away. Moreover, traditional HA solutions used for physical machines and virtual clusters cannot meet the HA requirements of applications in distributed architectures. To address this issue, Alibaba Cloud has developed the Application High Availability Service (AHAS) as a new solution to improve the availability of applications in distributed architectures.


With the vast number of tools and technologies available for enterprises, today’s developers are working in one of the best era for productivity and innovation. However, fast technology iteration and complex and ever-changing business requirements pose higher requirements and new challenges to software development. The new developer services released by Aliware will efficiently reduce the development threshold and fulfill developers’ unlimited potential.



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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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