All-New High-Performance PolarDB Box, Completely Compatible with Oracle

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During the second day of Apsara Conference 2019, Alibaba Cloud announced the official launch of PolarDB Box, a high-performance all-in-one database appliance. PolarDB Box, building off the already great PolarDB, allows you to deploy cloud databases in your own data centers and migrate traditional databases such as Oracle to the cloud with a single click, saving up to 95% of the migration costs. PolarDB Box is suitable for a variety of industries, including government, transportation, shipping, and finance.

Li Feifei, General Manager of the Database Products Business Unit at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, noted: “PolarDB Box is a groundbreaking product that removes the service boundary of cloud databases.” With the release of PolarDB Box, Alibaba Cloud hopes to bring the management capability of cloud-native databases to on-premises data centers so that users can have the same experience inside their data centers as that on the cloud.”

During the conference, Alibaba demonstrated the capabilities of PolarDB Box by querying 4-dimensional data (consisting of the 3-dimensions space data combined with time data) of 2.5 billion global flights from the aviation app, VariFlight, within just a few milliseconds. To get a sense of the scale, imagine that one piece of data is 1 cm wide. The amount of data queried in less than a second’s time can be wrapped around the earth four times. In the past, real-time visualization of 4D data required the coordinated scheduling among several different systems. However, now, with the spatial-temporal database engine, Ganos, which is an engine unique to PolarDB Box, you can achieve real-time data visualization for 4-D data within seconds, avoiding the complex scheduling traditionally needed for these sorts of operations.

PolarDB Box also happens to possess the three following features, which are necessary to meet the massive data storage requires of enterprises in the digital era:

  • High performance: The maximum specifications of PolarDB Box are 1,152 vCPUs, 9 TB of memory, and 118 TB of available SSD storage.

PolarDB is a commercial cloud-native database launched by Alibaba Cloud in 2018. It cost only one sixth of that of traditional databases. PolarDB has the advantages of rapid scalability, large specifications, and ultra-high reliability. About 400,000 databases have been migrated to Alibaba Cloud, including ones from leading enterprises in the fields of finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and logistics.

Compared with the declining revenues of traditional databases, databases on the cloud are rapidly growing area. By 2022, three quarters of databases are expected to be directly deployed or migrated to the cloud. The release of PolarDB Box brings users that much closer to the cutting-edge technologies implemented in cloud-native databases, and accelerates migration to the cloud in various industries.

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